2017 Winter February 27 Monday

2017 Winter February 27 Monday

44 degrees this morning, walk 34:26 minute walk

Seemed colder this morning, pace was about a minute per mile slower than yesterday, 17 seconds slower than expectations.

I have been trying to figure out the reasons for the wide variation in walking “pace”, maybe it is one of those things for which there is no explanation.

I think psychological factors have a lot to do in performance. I am a strong believer in “positive talk” or “positive thinking”. I don’t know how that would really relate to how fast I walk in the morning, but I have no doubt if I am feeling positive about the weather and walking etc, I will walk faster.

Of course I have also found that fast music will also contribute to a fast walking pace.

I am also a strong believer in “visualization” to improve performance etc, but I never have really perfected that.

Winding down the book on Alan Turing (about 5 hours left). I’m not sorry I am listening to it, but I think I should be getting more out of it. Of course 5 hours leaves a lot of time.

I think the book really brings up the role of he “practical’ versus only the “intellectual” side of the development of computers (and any other new invention).

While there is a place for “pure intellectual thinking” and for the “doer” who can read instructions and do something, or more probably build something without the instructions and make improvements as they go!

There there are people like Steve Jobs etc. who combine the two.

I don’t think any of the three categories is best, there is a need for each kind.

Start of another work week. This is also the week when (probably March 2) I get the major assignment for the month.

Also, the start of the longest period without a 3 day weekend or some kind of holiday.

Of course, it also includes the arrival of warmer weather and baseball, so there are some offsetting factors!

Strange to think it is already March of 2017!

I expect the new “iPads” will be announced soon. Another rite of Spring! I have been diligently running up “cash back” rewards on my credit card!

I still occasionally use my “original iPad”. Can’t use it for a lot anymore, but what I can use it for I enjoy it. I still like the color on it better than the newer ones. It has a warmer color. Of course, it doesn’t take pictures and can’t operate many of the newer apps.

Presentation on the “urban chicken Ordinance” tonight. I don’t have any problems with chickens as such, I just don’t think they belong in a residential area.

That’s it for today, Monday, February 27, 2017.


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