2017 Winter February 28 Tuesday

62 degrees this morning, walk 34:37 minutes

Relatively cool 62 degrees, but cold didn’t have the “bite” to it. 6 seconds slower than “expectations” even though I thought I was going faster than that!

Perception is always difficult, although, as I like to say, “perception is reality”.

However, I have to disagree with myself a little, since if I KNOW it is perception and not reality, than perhaps perception isn’t reality! Bizarre.

I can’t really define “reality”, I doubt that anyone can. You can’t even really say “I know it when I see it” because you really don’t know if you are seeing reality or not!

Anyway, if you don’t worry about stuff like that and just “smell the roses”, (at least when there area real roses around to smell), perhaps that is best.

Actually, I don’t know if roses have a scent or not. I don’t recall ever smelling any kind of scent around roses, although I have with other flowers.

As I mentioned the Bartlett Pears are (or perhaps were after the freeze) out in full force, and I actually noticed Crotus flowers blooming on my neighbors yard, which is nice!

Learned a lot more about chickens last night at the City Council meeting! I love to see democracy in action and I feel the “City” is the closest to the people.

While you occasionally get a few bizarre extreme professional political nuts who run for the City Council/Commission, I was very pleased to notice that here they appear to be the “serving for the good of the community” type of Council members.

Not that I’m sure they don’t have their differences, but for the most part, it appears they ran for the City Council for the good of the community, which makes me like the community even better.

Another dream. This seemed somewhat insignificant, but it was such a strong dream, I wrote it down.

After all, who am I to know what is significant or insignificant?

Dream 2-27-17:

Detailed dream of stopping off at a restaurant and getting a cup of coffee before I went to work.

Something I don’t do much is get hot coffee and take it with me. (Except at McDonalds which seems to have the only “spill resistant” cup around with decent coffee.) I do get iced coffee at Starbucks and take it with me, but McDonalds is the only hot coffee I will buy “to go” in real life.

This was a very detailed dream of walking in the store, ordering coffee paying for it and even getting the receipt wet.

The dream was realistic Including discussions on how the remodeling of the cafe was going etc.

Didn’t recognize the people working in the restaurant.

In the end, the coffee was in an open cup (no lid), only about half full and was lukewarm. I was thinking I would have to throw it out before I got in the car when I woke up.

(I hate lukewarm coffee.)

That’s it for now, Tuesday, February 28, 2017.


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