2017 Winter March 1 Wednesday

48 degrees this morning, walk 34:45 minutes

A “cool” 48 degrees this morning (I should have noted i5 “feels like 40 degrees”).

Usually I don’t wear gloves during my walk, except in the coldest weather. So this morning, I didn’t bring them along (I usually bring them along except in t
he warmest weather even though I rarely wear them.)

I didn’t bring them along this morning since I normally don’t wear them until it gets in the 20’s, so, of course….my hands were cold!

Not that I was miserable or anything, I just would have worn them if I had had them.

Pace was about 5 seconds faster than expectations.

Preparing for a “routine medical test” next week. I don’t know that every 10 years is considered “routine” or not, but it is a schedule.

Still listening to the book on Alan Turing. As I have mentioned, the book is detailed, a little too detailed to keep my interest while listening, but it has been worth listening too.

During a discussion on computers and learning, it was mentioned that a computer can’t write a sonnet and really realize what it was doing.

The comment was made (I’m not sure if it was by Turing or someone else) that “maybe only another computer could appreciate a sonnet written by a computer!”. I expect there is a lot of truth in that!

The question of computer “intelligence” is interesting and will probably never be answered. I don’t see how a bunch of circuits with instructions provided by human beings could ever be considered “intelligence” although the world is changing fast!

After the City Council meeting Monday night, I was interviewed for a short bit on a local tv station for its local news.

I was surprised when someone I went to 7th 8th and 9th grade contacted me after he saw it on tv!

Amazing things happen! We are making arrangements to meet and catch up. Fortunately I remember him very well and am looking forward to seeing him.

Car racing season has begun, at least NASCAR. I usually tape them and kind of vaguely watch them. I think the long races etc. are not in keeping with the times, people just don’t have the time to to to events that long.

Actually several years ago, I started watching Formula One racing and really like it. There the races are shorter and don’t take as much time.

Hopefully I will be able to attend a Grand Prix (Formula One) are, at least in the United States, although it would be fund to see the Shanghai Grand Prix, or the Dubai Grand Prix, but I’d be happy seeing the Austin Grand Prix.

Dream on, I expect!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, March 1, 2017.


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