2017 Winter March 3 Friday

38 degrees this morning, walk 34:38 minutes

One of those “neutral” cold days, pace was about 5 seconds per mile faster than expectation.

Finishing up the Alan Turing book It provided a lot of information and thought, but I am glad to be finishing it up.

Friday already, time flies. In about 3 weeks it will be Spring at last according to the calendar.

The “Neighborhood Alliance” meeting is tomorrow morning. It will be interesting to attend something like that as an observer, or maybe I should say regular resident. I don’t like to have my weekend committed like that, but it should be interesting.

I will need to basically “fast” part of Sunday and all day Monday. I read a book about “fasting” as a way to lose/maintain your weight as a healthy option. I am going to re-read some of it to refresh my memory. I probably will be drinking a lot of water to reduce any hunger pains!

Thinking some more about the “ageism” comments regarding the “chickens”. I think it shows a lack of thought on her part to “assume” that chickens are a “youth” thing. Actually I doubt that it is.

Perhaps more, it shows how selfish she is to not be concerned about other people. I assume she feels the “old” people in the city don’t count and their feelings shouldn’t be considered.

Agism is kind of a strange thing, since (if you’re lucky) everyone will eventually be old. I think it is just like some people feel they are immortal and “accidents don’t happen to them” or “things will be different for them”. Wrong.

Probably I am spending too much time pondering on this, but I think it is a basic problem with society, the inability to see the other side. In this case they are thinking only of themselves and not the effect of chickens (and worse yet, the people who violate the ordinance) on the quality of life of people who don’t care to have chickens shoved in their face.

When I have a “field day”, I take my “lunch” with me. As long as I pace myself all day, it works well. It is kind of a modified “fast” like discussed in the book.

When I was in grade school (1st to 4th grade where I went to a school without a lunch program), I would eat all of my lunch at the first “rest period” and then be hungry the rest of the day!

I don’t recall if I ever learned my lesson or if I did that on a regular basis.

Occasionally I fall into the same trap on a Field Day, except I always wait until after at least 2:00 p.m. before I eat the fig bars.

My schedule has changed slightly, I plan on start exercising on the stationary bicycle (and hopefully the bicycle ) in the morning and play with the punching bag and “heavy bag” every, or at least most mornings.
Currently I watch “Dowton Abbey” while I am on the stationary bicycle, and I expect I will finish it up. Debating going back to reading or may watch other movies etc. after I finish. (I am about midway through.) It is really a wonderful series.

That’s it for now, Friday, March 3, 2017.


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