2017 Winter March 4, 2017

50 degrees this morning, walk 34:22 minutes

Overall good walk this morning. Pace was 4 seconds faster than expectations. I seem to have settled into about that area (where the average or “expectations” are)

Another weekend, feel good it is here, hopefully the weather will be nice.

Neighborhood Alliance this morning. I am looking forward to it, learning more about the community and meeting people.

Probably one of the things I miss most about not being in City government is not being involved in what is going on. On the other hand, sometimes it is nice not being involved in what is going on!

Seeing/reading about the “stay at home economy” (people staying home etc.). I don’t know that I see it, but I just learned that “live concerts” are becoming a lot more profitable etc. than they used to be because the “live experience” is becoming a lot more attended as people don’t mind spending money on something they don’t do that often. Or something like that.

That came up as part of the “Live Nation” stock, how they are exceptionally profitable in the “experiential economy”, whatever that may be. Of course, that probably means it is at it’s top, as change is constant.

We bought a printer from Amazon, primarily because they offered installation and connection for a relatively small charge ($38 in this case, which is literally nothing for a service call). We were very pleased with the experience and the technical knowledge he displayed.

Also, it is nice to have the printer ready to operate. While it isn’t all that hard, it was nice to have someone who knew what they were doing and was able to do a “turnkey job”. (as opposed to a “turkey job” we find in many cases!)

We had a laser printer that lasted for years. Then they had some kind of software (or probably a firmware) upgrade and it never worked right again.

We bought some of the inexpensive printers (designed basically to sell ink). We never had a really good experience with them (or at least I didn’t, Aliene seemed to be able to get them to work.).

Anyway, after only one day, we feel it was well worth the money to buy a nice printer. It also has a nice scanner and copier etc. It also has a fax, but we need to figure out how it works on a cable phone system!

I have never been a real fan of ink jet printers, until I say the difference in cost for the minor difference in quality. Also, we can buy ink from other suppliers. (It is a Canon printer.)

I become much more appreciative of ink jet printers based on the work printer I use. It is a small ink jet (actually a mobile printer that can operate off of a battery) and has been very reliable and produces a good product.

Anyway, having the ability to copy, scan or print without going through contortions is really worth the money and makes a huge difference.

That’s it for now, Saturday, March 3, 2017.


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