2017 Winter March 5 Sunday

53 degrees this morning, walk 35:12 minutes

Very windy (and a cool miserable wind even though the temperature was only 50 or so) yesterday, at least in some places.

I had made a mental note to not walk today if the wind was too bad, but it was not that bad.

Pace was little off today, probably due to the wind, about 26 seconds a mile slower than expectations.

On the Apple watch, as part of the text messaging there is a “scribble” function. I am amazed at how correct and fast it works.

Basically you just, with your finger, write a brief message, one letter at a time. It sounds like it would test your patience, but actually it is very easy to use and rather fun. For example, to make an “e”, you just write out “e”, or for a period, just tap the watch.

Anyway, if you have an Apple watch, try it, if you don’t, ask someone who does to let you try it! You will (or at least I think you will) be amazed.

I actually like the Apple watch very much still, and have actually gotten used to it as part of my daily life.

The Neighborhood Alliance meeting yesterday morning was good, I am really glad there is an organization like that in town. I actually learned quite a bid and got enthused about it.

The one thing that struck me (and this may sound odd based on the previous posts) was the lack of younger people. I know it is the age-old question, but involving younger residents in the Neighborhood Alliance should be a major priority. How you do it is the key.

I wish now I had suggested providing child care during the meeting. It would at least eliminate one major barrier to their attending.

The topics themselves were interesting and varied and well presented.

My photo library of my “Hot Wheels” collection is spotty at best. I had hoped to do one per day, I need to just take the five minutes necessary to take a picture and upload it!

It is kind of like “My Fitness Pal”, it only takes a few seconds, just getting it in your routine is what is important.

Anyway, I need to somehow incorporate that into my day. The problem is, if you try to incorporate too much, you end up back at the beginning again with no time!

That’s it so now, Sunday, March 5, 2017.


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