2017 Winter March 6 Monday

63 degrees this morning, walk 34:04 minutes

A “cool” 63 degrees this morning, something like the way Spring has that “cool” tinge that makes it uncomfortable.

Pace was about 25 seconds per mile below (faster) than expectations. In this case I was aware I was walking relatively fast.

Today is a “liquid only” diet for me, no food tomorrow until after the medical procedure (which is a routine preventative test). Somehow, when you hear about something like this (liquid diet etc.), you dread it but when it gets here you just accept it and deal with it.

I read a book about how fasting can be used in controlling/reducing weight as well as a health measure. While I haven’t really tried it yet, on “field” days I take usually make food with me and eat a little through out the day and frequently don’t eat a big lunch, but I haven’t tried an actual fast.

One “problem” is I like breakfast too much, probably my favorite meal of the day.

At least I can drink all the coffee and tea I want, I think the worst time I ever had was when I had to abstain from coffee all day Sunday for a Monday test. I was miserable.

Read a quote that hit home for me “Certainty stops inquiry”, which is a good short quote and then the full quote “Certainty stops inquiry, so when you see certainty, interpret it as bad judgement”!

I think that says a lot. When you think you know something “for sure”, the world changes.

I always said I used to be able to tell a major shift in the Stock Market when the Business Week cover proclaimed “The Death of Equities” (Stocks would never improve, with all kinds of reasons), right at the lowest point of the stock mark and right before the strong, multi-year market rally (this goes back a long time) and when the cover more or less said the stock market was at a permanent higher level (I don’t recall the cover quote), it was right before the market went into a major swoon.

There are various reasons for that (always after the fact, of course), but I think “Certainly stops inquiry” certainly describes it well! Once you are sure the market is going up (or anything else), you ignore the negative signs.

Of course, I”m no better than anyone else at forecasting, but I’ve found the “AAII” (American Association of Individual Investors” “Sentiment Index” is good to use as a “contra-indicator” when the “bullish/Bearish sentiment gets to extremes.

Of course, having the courage to act on it is why “market timing” normally doesn’t work!

More on this later.

Dream yesterday, these are real fragments, but I want to note what I can remember:

Dream 3-5-17:

Dreamed driving an older model car (with finsI).

At one point I was i a house with a stairs, and I was thinking someone had taken my iPhone, just as I got to hthe office.

Looked for it, then was scared some water had damaged it. For some reason I didn’t find it until we drove on a gravel/dir road to go someplace.

Only fragment of the dream .

Doesn’t make any sense, but in was a dream!

Dream 2

In Holton Kansas (where I grew up)

I was in a car again and driving around. sone one, not sur who, was there

Somehow we had lost our way.

A brief fragment again. Trying to remember more of my dreams so I can note them.

That’s it for now, Monday, March 6, 2017


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