2017 Winter March 7 Tuesday


42 degrees this morning (No walk, medical test)

Been on a liquid diet for a day now.. I was going to keep periodic notes about how I felt, but I didn’t. Basically, the liquid substituted enough and I didn’t feel any really bad hunger pains.

Actually got rather warm yesterday, although the wind was strong all day. Some areas had to evacuate (not around here, in the state) due to wild fires and the high wind.

Of course, other parts of the state had thunderstorms.

I have to wonder if we will ever figure out how to control the weather or at least change the impact of the weather so it is beneficial instated of such a disaster. Thinking of all the needless damage the weather does, and the benefits of changing the impacts of weather is significant.

I’m not sure how it could even be done, or what would be necessary to re-direct the weather, but if somehow the thunder storms could be directed over the wildfires etc. it would be beneficial.

I’m not quite sure how it could be done, but if we could change hurricanes and tornadoes from populated areas it would be a big benefit.

While we have made giant advances in forecasting the weather, i seems we have made almost no significant advance in controlling the effects of weather.

I have no idea how we would even start on such an endeavor, but I’m sure there are researchers working on it.

Reading about the dangers of computer security problems the internet, I kind of wonder what would happen if we had even a small lapse in the internet system, as we know it. We have gotten very dependent (to say the least) on the internet working smoothly.

I can’t even imagine the confusion etc. created by even a short internet outage, that is a totally outage of the use of the internet. It would basically stop all travel, banking, communication etc.

I noted yesterday that California especially is researching the use of batteries (or at least electricity storage) in storing electricity especially from solar and wind, since they have a surplus of electricity during the day when solar and wind produce a lot of electricity and then there is a shortage at night..

Of course, it may will be that there is a better way of storing electricity than batteries etc.

It made me wonder if we are remiss in spending a lot of our resources on solar and wind electric generation and not more on storage of electricity.

I think that is the problem with the big lobbyists throwing money at state legislatures for “incentives”, many times it simply warps the development of better technology.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, March 7, 2017.


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