2017 Winter March 10 Friday

2017 Winter March 10 Friday

53 degrees this morning, walk 35:05 minutes

Walk this morning was a little cooler than I expected based on the temperature. Pace was about 2 seconds slower than expected.

Finished my “walking” book yesterday, and, of course, didn’t think about another book until right before I went to ed. I quickly selected the Harvard Business Review “ten articles on managing yourself”.

It was actually a good choice, I enjoyed listening to the first article and started the second. It has some PDF guides on it that will help a lot (I haven’t looked at the PDF yet. Probably need to look at it before I listen any further.)

Several items stuck with me. One was that there is no such thing as doing something “just this one time” My experience is that he is right. There is rarely such a thing as “extenuating circumstances”. The author actually said “never” but I’m not sure if I agree with that.

I do agree that you really can’t do things “just this one time” or you have to develop an entire new principle.

The second one by Peter Drucker mentioned that we learn by “listening”, “reading” or “writing” or a number of other ways..If I understood him right, his opinion was we needed to know how we learn.

Anyway, I”ll need to review the study guide before I listen anymore.

In a way it sounds like Jim Collins, who emphasized “doing what you do best”, rather than spending your time and resources in trying to improve your weaknesses.

I thought he had some great ideas, as usual, the hard part is implementing the program or suggestions on a daily basis!

My experience is that I learn by writing, doing or talking about it after learning something either by listening or reading the information and then trying to talk, write or do what I have learned.

Today is Friday already. Somehow the weeks and then the months just fly.

Another dream, just a snippet, as I don’t seem to be remembering much more than then end of the dream.

Dream 3-9-17 Thursday

At end of dream, I was riding a bicycle and a friend of my mined was riding another bicycle and talking about if I remember the “saber” bike, whatever that was.

Shortly before that I was doing an old yellow compact pickup and had driven on the yard of the house and nudged a tree. A woman had walked out as I was driving up and didn’t seem to see anything unusual about pickup driving on the lawn.

Somehow it suddenly converted to riding a bike.

Don’t recall what I dreamed before that, but it was one of those realistic dreams.

That’s it for now, Friday, March 10, 2017


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