2017 Winter March 11 Saturday


50 degrees this morning, no walk, light rain, threat of more rain coming in

Although it was 50 degrees or so most of yesterday, it seemed a lot colder than the temperature indicated, primarily due to the wind.

Thinking some more about the HBR article on not making exceptions. Thinking back, I can certainly see where that would have been the right road.

I think the simplest example would be eating, if you “make an exception”, it is very likely you will “make another exception” and eventually lose control of your eating plan all together.

Perhaps the same could apply to driving the car, if your rule is to never speed etc., you won’t “make an exception just this time”.

Kind of goes back to the “X + 1” concept with “+1” when you get caught or have an accident. If you never have “X”, you never have “+1”!

Of course, the concept the author was thinking of was in business where an ethical exception is made “just this once”, or a management rule is violated “just this once due to extenuating circumstances” etc.

If you do have a rule of “never making an exception” to a principle, you have to be lot more careful about what “principles” you have! That may be good in itself, since it would make you think before you decide on principles/standards etc.

However, I can also see where exceptions provided additional varied experience and knowledge that was valuable.

Also, I think some things change over the years, you have to adjust your approach.

I need to review the article again (or at least the concept), it seems that having a “principle” that is a basic part of your life that you will never change and a “principle” or perhaps a standard that may be change as your life changes or you learn and grow as a person or in a position

Obviously I need to do some more reading and thinking on this! Certainly there are some basic standards or principles you would never change (don’t steal, etc.),but there are others that may change, maybe these are behavioral standards that you apply. Anyway, obviously I need to some more thinking on this.

The articles are short, I’ll look at the PDF “study guide” on this and then do some more thinking and reading on it.

I think the second article is also applicable in that people learn by listening, reading and (in my opinion) doing or maybe writing about something or taking notes etc.

In my case, I learn best when I try to explain something someone else, so probably writing in this journal is my way of learning. Even if I don’t always make a lot of sense!

Glad the weekend is here, looks like it may be a rainy day today.

That’s it for now, Saturday, March 11, 2017


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