2017 Winter March 12 Sunday

37 degrees this morning. (feels like 30 degrees). Combination of weather and DST, didn’t walk this morning.

I think one of my concerns is that somehow I will get out of the habit of walking when I miss several days in a row.

I think it goes back to what I was discussing yesterday and where a rule of ‘no exceptions” is appropriate. Obviously when the weather is bad it doesn’t really make any sense to walk and, indeed, most advice is that a break is part of exercise, and is actually necessary and beneficial.

I have felt the benefits of a “break” from exercising too often to disagree with that.

Like always, I think it is how you actually implement “breaks”. I’m not sure how long I have been walking on a regular basis, but it literally goes back to when I was in college, with some breaks, but I doubt if I will stop it now, as long as I am physically able to walk.

Actually, for years I ran, and I can remember my last running, in September of 1996. I caught a very bad cold and basically never ran or jogged again, although by then I was doing a combination of walking and running away. Actually, I always did a combination of walking and running.

Habit is a strange thing and it is easy to let some habits lapse, on the other hand it is easy to let a habit you dislike lapse!

The decent printer we recently bought illustrates the value of buying something that is quality (if you need it). While the quality printer, in absolute terms of money, isn’t that much more than the cheap ink eaters we have been buying, (in percentage terms it is a lot more), it is many times more useful and valuable.

Since we got the decent printer, I have caught up on some items I have wanted to get done and it is so nice to have the printer, copier and scanner readily available. We haven’t figured out exactly how to set up the fax yet. I don’t hardly ever use a fax machine any more, but it is nice to have one if needed.

Almost got my tax returns ready to go yesterday. A couple of minor things I need to find and update and I”ll be ready to go. Of course, I”m not going to sent it in until the last day or at least close to the last day since we will owe money.

I was disappointed in the integrity of Turbotax (Intuit) in raising their prices suddenly on March 16, but then what companies show ethics any more when the national government has a bunch of liars, unethical greedy extortionists and criminals in charge of everything?

I think it really sets a bad tone for the whole country when the so called president (who probably was elected with illegal assistance from Russia) can’t open his mouth without lying and is so anxious for praise he will lie and lives in a world of fantasy.

It probably will take generations for the country to recover, if it ever does.

Anyway, getting the tax return ready this year was relatively painless, thanks to Aliene keeping good records. Painless that is except for the thought of having to pay to support the lying bully’s golf game and frequent trips to enrich himself by unethical use of his own companies facilities.

Light rain throughout the day yesterday, it was a reminder that winter is still here.

I was caught by surprise about DST stating, and wasn’t really aware of it until someone mentioned something Friday night that I realized DST was starting this weekend.

That’s it for now,Sunday, March 12, 2017.


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