2017 Winter March 13 Monday

45 degrees this morning, walk 35:05 minutes.

Light rain when I started walking this morning. Frankly, most days it would have been enough for me to not walk, but after two days of not walking (and two days last Monday and Tuesday)…. I decided I’d walk and take a chance since I could always cut it short.

Instead the light rain stopped shortly after I started walking and I had a nice walk.

It was a “cold” 45 degrees, probably because of the wet weather, there was no real wind.

Walking pace was about 5 seconds slower than expectations.

I have been cutting my nap a little shorter and going to the gym after I post the journal and take a short nap. It is nice.

I have been watching “Dowton Abbey” during my time at the gym (on the stationary bicycle) and also when we stop and drink coffee at Starbucks. I am about half way through it (maybe about 60%) and am already having withdrawal pains as to what I will do after I finish it! Maybe do it again!

Not really, I just don’t watch a lot (or hardly any) movies and this will give me the chance to watch a movie occasionally even if it is over a longer period of them.

I would like to go back and watch the “Hill Street Blues” series, the last tv series I watched, but it would probably be dated, or it may not even be available. I believe it would now be about 35 years since the last episode which is rather hard to believe.

Perhaps I am a little too structured in what I watch/don’t watch, especially since technically I have more time.

I know I am always woefully behind on books I want to listen to, so I rarely listen to “podcasts”, but the last “podcast” I listened to provided me some valuable information and a valuable experience.

The Podcast was about the “Lincoln Summer Home” and I would never have known about it (I don’t believe) if I hadn’t heard the podcast. When we were in Washington DC one time, I went to see it, and the stories surrounding Lincoln and his time at the house made it especially rewarding.

Listening to the Harvard Business Review articles, again reminded that I am a “learner by writing”. He postulates you learn by reading, listening, talking or writing (and a few other minor ways) and one of the weaknesses of our educational system is the failure to address this.

I know I learn by “writing” or teaching it to someone, and rarely forget after that. Probably the reason I always frantically take notes at a meeting. It became a lot better when I started summarizing what I learned for myself and how I would use it in my life.

That’s it for now, Monday, March 13, 2017.


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