2017 Winter March 14 Tuesday

35 degrees this morning (feels like 29 degrees) walk 34:01 minutes

Definitely ready for Spring during my walk. Although Spring is technically about a week away (I haven’t looked up the exact time) it certainly isn’t Spring weather right now!

Pace was a 28 seconds a mile faster than expectations. My eventually goal is to reduce my “expected” time by about a minute. This Spring I will be reduced my expected time by a little bit each week and see what I can do.

Without harping on the passage of time too much, I am astounded to look at the calendar and it says “March 14, 2017”! It was actually 20 years ago today when Aliene and I got “officially” engaged, if my memory is correct.

Anyway, the next several months are going to have at least occasional times when it is cool, which makes it hard waiting for Summer to really come.

Of course, it is a matter of perspective, it I lived somewhere where it was a lot cooler, probably the same perspective would think of it as being “cool” until summer arrives.

Listening to the Harvard Business Review articles. Although some of them are relatively ancient, they are still interesting.

Peter Drucker, to name one, always amazes me how he seems timeless in many of his articles and books.

I was thinking about that because of my thinking about “Hill Street Blues” the other morning and many of my favorite novels.

Now, it may take a while, but you suddenly realize there are no “smart phones” or even cell phones. Not everyone has a computer in their home or carry around laptops.

Starbucks probably didn’t exist, “on line” ordering was done by catalogs and maybe by phone, or probably by mail.

I have to admit, I do not yearn for the “good old days”, although there was nothing wrong with it at the time, the advances have been astounding.

Some of the advances are wonderful, some maybe not so good, but I am certainly pleased with most of them.

Thinking about “learning” and how I probably learn by writing it (and in most cases teaching it, or writing to try to pass on the information).

I wish I had realized that years ago when I was in college. Maybe to some degree I did realize it, but I wish I had consciously raised it.

“Spring break” down here. I first realized it when I went to the Mall (as part of my job) and was amazed at the number of people!

Hopefully Spring will also soon be here in reality!

That’s it fro now, Tuesday, March 14, 2017.


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