2017 Winter March 15


33 degrees this morning, no walk.

Getting very tired of cold weather, was pleased to hear that warmer winter is coming, but that makes it even harder to wait!

Spring will officially begin at 6:29 a.m., Monday, March 20. Only a couple of more days to wait.

It was strange, I checked for when Spring would begin, ad I ran into a bunch of articles that provided “too much information” but didn’t really answer when Spring began this year. I tried using a slightly different wording and got my answer.

I have to admit the articles were interesting, and included information on the warmest spring, how it is determined when spring arrives, and the history of spring etc.

I have to remember that the answer you get will depend on the question you ask and the wording of the same question can make a difference in the answer!

Thinking more about the idea of “how we learn”. While I think I learn better by writing something out, I need to either hear it or read it first and understand it before I can write it out!

Thinking of advancements, I think technology has changed writing almost as much as anything.

First, the change from pen & paper, or even a typewriter to the computer not only changed the way I wrote but also I’m sure it changed what I wrote.

While I always felt writing “flowed” even when I use a pen, the computer made a major difference n that the words appearing on the screen as soon as they were typed in provided a major source of feedback that influenced what I wrote as well as how I wrote it.

Part of it was the ability to correct errors easily as soon as you made them, instead of using a complicated correction system, you simply hit a key to correct it.

Of course “spell check” etc. even made it easier, although some of the current spell check programs are a little too aggressive and I frequently review what I have written and KNOW I didn’t write the word that came out!

Most of all though, it was seeing the words appear on the screen, from words to paragraphs appearing on the screen and, of course, the ability to change or revise immediately.

Somehow this makes writing have a flow, which is almost musical as you compose and what you say appears on the screen.

Probably it enhanced the ability to write more “free”, since I could change and revise so easily and fast.

On the other hand, it does tend to discourage (or at least not encourage) planning and organization since it is so easy to change everything!
My spelling probably substantially decreased after “spell heck” since the emphasis on spelling decreased since spell check does it for you.

That may be one of the biggest problems with robots and technology, we lose some of our skills since someone/something else takes care of it. On the other hand, that is the major benefit of technology.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, March 15, 2017.


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