2017 Winter March 18 Saturday

60 degrees this morning, Walk 35:30 minutes

Walk this morning was good, although my pace was slow, about 20 seconds slower than expectations.

Hopefully warmer weather is here for the season. Supposed to be especially nice next week.

Learning styles is an interesting concept, had several conversations and e-mails on learning styles. Just had an e-mail about an article that children (and maybe adults) learn in several ways, of course people mostly use a number of ways of learning.

One comment I found especially interesting was that people (in this case, children) in times of stress revert to a preferred dominant means of learning.

One of the ways of learning that would have surprised me several weeks ago is Bodily/Kinesthetic, but I am not surprised now after talking with several people and observe children and even thinking my my past experience with how adults learn.

I think a key to stress is that people tend to revert (or maybe select is a better term) a certain dominant action in periods of stress, whether it is learning or reacting to an emergency.

I think that emphasizes the importance of having basic principles that you adhere too, since in times of streets you will select those principles, whether it is learning for something else.

The NCAA basketball tournament is especially interesting for us since we don’t watch (or rarely) “live” anything on tv, we tape everything including sports and “time shift” to another time. This means we try to avoid news about the tournament through any means, including avoiding he sports page, tv news, Facebook etc., so we can watch the games we are interested in without knowing the results.

In any event, I have been slimming down on Facebook, eliminating all of the political web sties. They may be fun and I agree with them, but it just wastes too much time and they quickly take over the website and literally overwhelm the real reason I have Facebook.

If I really thought it would do any good to comments (it is kind of like singing to the choir) I would spend any amount of time to spread the word about the dangers of the lying bully lunatic and his Nazi, criminal and incompetent appointees but I think it is read only by other like-minded persons.

I think that is one of the real dangers of Facebook etc. in that it reinforces your beliefs etc. rather than expose you to a variety of views.

Even if I see sites from the “other viewpoints” I see mostly the extremists who do nothing to help me understand, since the view is so extreme, I reject it out of hand, whereas a reasonably stated statement, I may consider what they said.

The lies, misstatements and out malicious lies of “fox and friends” (which is truly “trash” media or worse since they are well aware they are spreading malicious lies). etc. hardly gives ma any confidence in the actions of a lying bully and his thugs who believes such lies.

Looking forward to a weekend with nice weather.

That’s it for now, Saturday, March 18, 2017.201


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