2017 Winter March 19 Sunday


65 degrees this morning, walk 35:10 minutes

Cool 65 degrees, primarily due to wind. Pace was about 15 seconds per miles lower than expectations. Can’t seem to get it up on a consistent basis.

Listening to the HBR articles this morning, one article mentioned about the importance of getting out of your “comfort zone”.

I haven’t heard a lot about the “comfort zone” lately, but I think it is something to ponder no, as far as “what” your comfort zone is and when it is good to stay in it and when it is necessary to operate out of your comfort zone.

To get “out” of your comfort zone you first have to define what your “comfort zone” is, or at least be aware of what you think is your comfort zone.

Actually, I don’t recall ever discussing what “is” your comfort zone, only how you ought to operate out of your comfort zone. I am sure it was discussed when and when not to operate out of your comfort zone.

I was thinking about my current life and what my “comfort zone” is. There are actually a lot of different “comfort” zones, personal, work related etc. Actually, right now I can’t really define what my “comfort zone” is for my life in general, my personal life or my work life.

As far as my personal life, I assume I get “out” of my personal comfort zone when I go to a meeting etc., that I think the type of meeting would decide if I was out of my comfort zone.

More on this later, had a long complicated dream yesterday I wanted to record. For some reason I seem to remember my dreams better when I take a 28 minutes nap.

3-18-17 Dream

Long complicated and almost enjoyable dream about attending a conference.

Somehow I spent a lot of time with the motel owner, who was quite a character. He gave me a tee shirt for some reason. It was one of those older motels, in this case it was built like a long cabin.

Aliene drifted in and out of the dream, being in the room and elsewhere.

It seems to end with me locking myself out of my room and sitting around wondering with I was going to do until I realized I could just all Aliene. Then, of course, I couldn’t find my phone.

It happen in Seminole, Oklahoma, of all places. We drove down and it didn’t hit me until the dream was almost done where we live.

There are three small cities in the area and I alway considered Seminole, the one with the most growth, although that was years ago.

I haven’t been there for years or even really though about it, not sure how it came up i my dream.

In the dream we were in an older motel, individually owned.

It was at a state City Managers meeting, and they had been discussing where to meet next year etc.

One strange scene, the owner had given me a tee shirt and I was waiting for him, and i noticed where he had a bunch of extremely fancy tee shirts, apparently given to him by the conference sponsors etc.

A really strong complicated dream, with a lot of persons in the dream, moving in and out.

It was like a dream that was set years ago, old cars, old hotel etc. and a city I hadn’t been to for years or ever really expect to be in again.

I even thought about it being in conjunction with Oklahoma City. I had it 40 miles straight south of Shawnee, not sure if that is correct or not. I checked, it’s not correct)

At the time I remember it (25 years ago?) it was the only city of the three cities in the area with a Braum’s, very progressive! (Braum’s is my favorite ice cream and strawberry shake place!)

That’s it for now, Sunday, March 19, 2017.\


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