2017 Winter March 20 Monday

70 degrees this morning, Walk 34:43 minutes

Dressed as if still cold this morning (mouth mask etc.) glad I did since, even for 70 degrees, there was a tinge of coldness.

Pace was almost exactly at expectations, 1 second per mile faster than expectations.

I expect it will be a “true” Spring/Summer day today, forecast is 93 degrees! Whoopee!

Turned on the ceiling fan this morning and was immediately reminded of my allegories as I started coughing up a storm and had to turn it off. A/C can do the same thing so that makes this a time of year when I have to be careful. (In the summer when it is truly hot, it doesn’t bother me near as much.)

Tomorrow Spring arrives, it seems like it has been a long time coming.

We picked up our tickets for the local AAA baseball team Friday, so it truly seems as if Summer is arriving! The one problem we have with baseball in the early spring is the coolness at night in April and May. It isn’t as bad here as other places, but still enough that we sometimes limit our attendance due to the cold.

Like almost everyone else, we hope they continue to do things to speed up the game, without destroying it. The AAA minor leagues use 20 second pitching clock that has noticeably sped up the game.

Sometimes I wonder about the obsession with not having “ties” in sports. I thought football was a much better game when it didn’t have “overtimes”. I think it is hockey that allows a different point system that allows more points for “ties” even if the team loses in overtime, that seems much fairer.

I basically lost interest in pro football when they started the “sudden death” overtime periods, although pro football was already rather boring and basically just got more boring, especially with the format of no real league play. Quite frankly, many of the players also seemed to lose interest in playing with any spirit.

Of course the same thing has been said of pro baseball players, even some Managers have mentioned that players tend to play better towards the end of their contract right before they become free agents.

Probably the NFL obsession with money is really what turns me off. Of course they should make money, but…

One thing I wish pro basketball would do would be to allow players to play pro basketball right out of high school if they are good enough. I don’t quite understand how they can prevent someone from working, and it would certainly help the college basketball game (which I watch, I don’t watch pro basketball) if the “one and done” players were out of the college game and allowed true students to play. They displace true students who may want to play basketball.

Field day today, so I am looking forward to being in the nice weather!

That’s it for now, Monday, March 20, 2017.


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