2017 Spring March 21 Tuesday

2017 Spring March 21 Tuesday

66 degrees this morning, walk 34:59 minutes

Overall good walk this morning, seemed warmer. Pace about 14 seconds slower than expectations.

Thank goodness Spring is finally here! Technically, Spring wasn’t here yet yesterday who I wrote my post yesterday.

93 degrees yesterday. I don’t know if that was a record or not, but I am sure it is close to a record.

About finished with the Harvard Business Review articles. It is very much of a mixed experience. Some of the articles were close to brilliant, if not brilliant, others sounded like the author was in a hurry and just threw some ideas together.

I read some reviews of he book of artels and one of the comments was the “they didn’t realize how old the articles were”. Several were true classics, others were written in the 2003 to 2008 time frame. Hardly obsolete, although there has been new research and concepts certainly.

Harvard is one organization that knows how to milk all of their publications, etc. for every last dime. Not saying that as a criticism necessarily, but it seems like they would be more interested in distributing their research, not milking everyone for every possible dime out of it.

Second Spring in this house.

One thing that bothers me about Spring is that the daylight is longer etc., up to the maximum on June 21, and then it wanes. In a way, the height of Summer is on it’s first day, after that it is all downhill!

Trying to determine how to get more time in the morning. I have found I am just a few minutes short each morning as far as getting my exercise done etc.

That is if I go to the gym and work out. If I don’t go to the gym my time is ok, but it is difficult not to go to the gym as long as I have time.

As I noted previously I am in the last parts of “Dowton Abbey”. It will be difficult to follow up on that!

As I mentioned previously, “piddling’ right after I get up usually wastes several minutes so I am trying to be aware of how much time I waste in the morning, especially right before my walk.
sound interesting.

Someone was trying to discuss the different religions of the world with me recently (not in a conversion sense, just informational) and I think it will be interesting to review the different beliefs of major religions of the world. May help understand the current world situation but i doubt it.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, March 21, 2017.


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