2017 Spring March 23 Thursday

63 degrees this morning, walk 34:09 minutes

Somehow I must have skipped one portion of my walk this morning, I walked about .12 of a mile less tan normal. Pace was also the worst it has been for awhile, about 44 seconds per mile above expectations.

I also noted the “walk map” wasn’t available which means something isn’t working right on my watch GPS, or I’m not doing something right.

I think all electronic devices should have a “simple” mode for people who don’t want to deal with things like “sharing” my walk (I’m sure I overshare on it already!) or everything else, or all kinds of time and distance calculations I could care less about.

I am amazed when I write “March 23” and realize that March of 2017 is almost over. Perhaps I dwell on it too much, but somehow I feel we need to at least take the time to note how fast time is passing!

I think the lying bully lunatic’s lack of ethics and corruption is starting to bleed through and corrupt our culture and society.

Of course, businesses were so excited about making more “profits” by being allowed to screw consumers more from repealing regulations protecting consumers and “profits” from lower taxes even though it violates the “principles” of the GOP who ran on avoiding increasing the deficit.

Of course, a “wall which is a monument to racism, bigotry, greed and pandering to the lowest common emotion in people and has nothing to do with immigration is certainly an unbelievable action.

I wrote to a Senator from they state that I opposed wasting the money on the “wall” and got back a long emotional letter about immigration Time for this to be his last term.

I decided to quit watching “Mad Money”, as least for awhile after Jim Cramer apparently lost all of his ethics and tried to excuse the lying bully’s delusions about being wire tapped, hoping that his programs will mean big (but short-term) profits for business. I no longer can trust his “advice”. He is apparently blinded by greed, like many businesses.

A lunatic as the “president” and a bunch of “yes people” who kow tow to the lying bully lunatic and his wild delusions. The includes the GOP who are willing to accept a lying bully who is delusional and is wasting millions on golf and luxury living if they can get their pet programs through.

Time for them to develop a backbone and impeach him, or at least tell him lies and delusional comments aren’t acceptable. He appears to have serious mental problems.

Reading the other day about “downsizing”. One of the problems apparently is that no one wants the stuff that we have accumulated. In a way it is sad, but I guess it is reality.

In the article I read, the author mentioned they got $9,000 for their stuff at garage sales etc.! I have to wonder about that.

I know I have been much more careful about what I buy, primarily considering the “care and feeding” of items before I buy them.

The problem isn’t really value, I have items that I literally paid nothing for and that are literally worth nothing but an emotional tie or even worse, an “I may use it someday” feeling! I still have a hard time getting rid of them.

The suggestion I got about taking pictures of them has helped a lot, as I know I have the pictures.

That’s it for today, Thursday, March 23, 2017.



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