2017 Spring March 25 Saturday

49 degrees this morning (felt like 42). No walk.

A reminder today that cold weather hasn’t disappeared yet! it was cold this morning with a hit of rain, which is why I didn’t walk this morning.

A couple of reminders that technology still isn’t all that reliable.

Our recent “upgrade” to our cable tv system showed some flaws as it suddenly started losing “saved” programs.

What is really bad is that it happened during the NCAA tournament, which means we lost games we wanted to watch.

It is strange, when it first started about a week ago, we just thought we had forgotten to schedule a program to copy, but then “automatic” scheduled programs started dropping off or not copying.

It got a lot worse the past couple of days, and last night gams even dropped off after we checked to see that they were recording. It was weird.

Anyway, they scheduled a technician to come out, hopefully get it fixed. After watching copied shows, it is excruciating to watch a “live” show. Not so much due to commercials, but the talking which so many announcers etc. seem to think their all and long laughs is entertainment.

Fortunately many of the shows we like still copy, but we haven’t figured out any pattern yet.

Also, even though I “stream” Downton Abbey while I am on the stationary bike, I always bring along “low tech” morning newspapers. Yesterday morning, it paid off when for some reason the “app” seemed to have problems and I couldn’t watch it. Anyway, so I had my newspapers with me.

One problem with exercise machines like stationary bikes and treadmills is that they are deathly boring. I absolutely have to have something to read or watch or I couldn’t stand to do it.

In spite of the problems, technology is well worth it. I was thinking even compared to ten years ago, it is amazing. Sometimes you look back and wonder how you ever stood it.

I think we get used to a level of technology and then when there is a problem (as there always is), we are looking at it from a different perspective, a perspective where the new advanced technology is the “new normal”.

Anytime the word or concept that something is the “new normal”, it can only mean it si about to change drastically, hopefully for the better!

Kind of like the stock market, when someone says something is the “new normal” it is time to buy or sell, depending on which side of the slope the “new normal” is on.

We have to consider that sometimes a paradigm does change permanently, changing the way of life (tv, the personal computer, smart phones etc.) and the “old normal” really does change permanently!

Weekend is here again, already! I look at the weekend a lot different than I used to, now that I don’t do any job related work on weekends. It makes how I view a weekend a lot different. Not necessarily better or worse, just different.

That’s it for now, Saturday, March 25, 2017.


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