2017 Spring March 26 Sunday

49 degrees this morning 34:54 minutes walk.

Coolish walk this morning. While the wind wasn’t up much, it was still rather cool. Of course after 93 degrees temperature…..

Pace was 9 seconds slower than expectations.

I hope to improve my pace this spring when warmer weather arrives!

Listening to the book on “Mindfulness”. I think the overall purpose of “Mindfulness’ is being aware of your life. Certainly I don’t think it has anything to do with religion etc. in itself, although that could be part of it.

The author had some could comments about starting new habits (use small steps, repeat what you want your behavior/mental change to be etc, use positive self-talk etc.)

As always, one thing I don’t like about “listening” to books is I can’t go back and look at something I missed. Not being “mindful” enough I guess!

I hope I got the maps on the iWatch corrected. While it’s not a big deal, I like to look at the map of where I’ve been, even if it is the same route each day. Maybe this summer I can change it a little.

For whatever reason, I have always used the same route each day for my walk and usually changed the route fro my bike. Perhaps it is because I like to test my walk each day.

Since I now can keep a record of my “pace” it doesn’t really matter what the route is because I have a record of my “pace” and it is the “pace” i am testing myself, not the distance or time.

Watching the first Formula One race of the season. Hopefully maybe I can attend one at least in the United States this year or sometime in the future.

I can kind of understand the problem that “brick and mortar” stores have with internet companies. It is so simple to have almost an unlimited selected at an inexpensive price. My only problem is I hate to order something (clothes etc.) when I really need to physically see what I am getting, such as clothing etc.

While I know you can send anything back I don’t like, it is such a pain to send something back, I just would rather not buy it than have to send it back.

I am surprised to get a lot of communication from companies (actually tax exempt “foundations” or “think tanks” that obviously have been paid off by he wind industry, that have no relationship to “wind industry” but spend big bucks to support the continued rip-off of he taxpayers of this state by the wind industry.

My opinion is that if the wind industry is viable by itself more power to it, but why should the taxpayers of this state continue to line the pockets of the “wind industry fat cats”.

Coolish temperature has ben a little frustrating after the warm weather last week, but at least I know warm weather is coming!

That’s it for now, Sunday, March 26, 2017.

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