2017 Spring March 27 Monday

54 degrees this morning, walk 35:52 miles

Definitely a cool 54 degrees, glad I dressed warm for the walk.

Pace was about 33 seconds per mile slower than expectation. Really don’t know how my pace can vary as much as a minute per mile (probably up to a minute and 1/2). This morning I was consciously trying to keep up my pace (I thought) and still ended up with a relatively slow time.

Listening to the book on “mindfulness”. They do mention some good points (you learn a new habit by repetition etc.).
Of course, my problem with meditation is that anytime my mind slows down, I am asleep! I take several naps per day and usually immediately fall asleep, no time for meditation, unless my nap is meditation.

Some years ago, I had a tape of a drum beat and it was good for meditation as well as falling asleep fast.

Now, I fall asleep without any assistance on my regular nights sleep as well as my naps during the day. I need no assistance in falling asleep! When I want to fall asleep it is really nice.

However, I think I do exercise the basics of “mindfulness” since I am very aware when I do take snap. I have taken naps as short as one minute.

Start of another work week. I think, like the anticipation for the weekend, there is also anticipation for the work week, whether it is an office day or field day.

There was some really severe weather yesterday, but it was all south of us. Probably will be some rain at least, here later this week.

Family event yesterday, it makes you realize how fast time is passing. We try to do it several times per year to make the birthdays for a six month period.

My first foray into involvement in the community (at least the City Council) as a citizen will probably end tonight.

The Ordinance allowing “urban” or “backyard” chickens will probably be adopted. Must better than when it was first bought up, but it seems odd that they even considered allowing a barnyard animal in a residential area.

I think of a lot of the people who romanize about chickens and fresh eggs etc. don’t really realize how much work chickens can be and how much work and money those eggs will cost, especially when they go out to pick up eggs and find a snake has eaten them and is just lying there digesting the eggs!

I grew up on a farm with plenty of chickens, so I know how much work it is.

Anyway, regardless of what it was about, it is a matter of the process of citizen involvement in city government and it was interesting.

That’s it for now, Monday, March 27, 2017.


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