2017 Spring March 28 Tuesday

51 degrees this morning, walk 34:55 minutes

Really felt cold during walk this morning, it seems as summer starts to arrive, the temperature at which it feels “cold” increases as the summer gets closer and anticipation increases!

Pace was about 13 seconds slower than the pace I expect to achieve on my walks.

I learned this morning (from listening to the “mindfulness book) that the word “pain” comes from the word “penalty”

Assuming that is correct, it is certainly one of the most appropriate word origins I have ever heard. If you think about it, “pain” and “penalty” have a lot in common, whether it is the “pain” from overdoing it or the “pain” of getting older!

Just as when I was a child, I thought all adults lived basically trouble free lives (we don’t), I now am reminded of the stresses and complications children have, as they learn to deal with deal with the world.

I always feel like I’d only want to do it again (be young again or go through the growing up process again, I’d only want to do it if I could know what I know now!

The book on “mindfulness” is relatively good, although it is one of those books are are probably much easier to read than listen too. However, I am picking up a few things listening to it, which is all I expect.

At Toastmasters last night I was reminded of the importance of batteries, especially for the storage of electrician from solar etc.

Most of the cost of providing electricity is to provide for the “peak” use of electricity (so it is there when you need it no matter what). If batteries could be used for “peak” electricity (especially if generated by solar etc.) the savings could be substantial.

I think it is somewhat the same (on a different scale of course) in hybrid cars, where the electric motor is there for acceleration. A hybrid has as much “pick up” as a large engine which is why I really like a hybrid.

Of course, on the other side, our home phone batteries recently went out (after about ten years, so we aren’t complaining).

Since they were old phones, I bought some cheap batteries, not remembering the junk Amazon sells if it is “off brand”. I have learned never to buy off brand stuff from Amazon since it is normally junk.

The batteries were definitely junk. I get a little worried about buying anything from Amazon, even name brand items after an experience like that. While I can (and will) send it back, it is such as hassle to send something back.

Hoping to have some warm weather soon, although they are forecasting storms etc. the next several days.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, March 28, 2017.

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