2017 Spring March 29 Wednesday


54 degrees this morning, rain, no walk

Heavy rain and storms last night, although not a destructive storm. Thought about walking this morning but quickly changed my mind when I heard close thunder and heard the rain start again!

Have somewhat of a “cold” now anyway, so might be best.

Funny how all of these people say “government should be run like a business” and then you see the number of businesses who file for bankruptcy or or continually closing stores, etc. A lot more bankrupts than government.

Also businesses can “pick and choose” what services they want to provide. Most services government provides it provides because private enterprise can’t offer it. A big difference.

That doesn’t even include the “private equity” or “hedge fund” thieves who plunder public companies of billions of dollars and then declare bankruptcy (or worse yet, have a “public offering” that is loaded with debt.

I can imagine what these companies will do with a “public private partnership” where they can steal billions by building roads etc. and charging for it.

Of course, the lying bully and his band of kow-towing toadies who can only think of shoving money to their business friends and contributors are stupid enough to fall for it, so they can look good while in office and let future generations pay for their mistakes.

I think “public private partnerships” are vastly over-rated, as can be indicated by the local YMCA which ripped off the city basically to provide a money machine for the YMCA and doesn’t really serve the public.

Although the days around the start of Spring were nice, it hasn’t been very “Spring like” since then, or maybe i has been Spring weather and it just doesn’t meet my expectation of Spring weather!

Baseball season (the local AAA team) is starting next week. I do remember it has always been somewhat chancy if it will be warm enough to really enjoy the games until about mid May, so probably it is always like this and my expectations are just too high!

I have been trying to use the “mindfulness” techniques to be more aware of how I am feeling etc. I am even trying to use the “breathing” app on the Apple iWatch.

I had to “backup and restore” my Apple watch to get my maps back of my walk. It did work and it wasn’t too painful.

I continue to amazed at the Apple Watch and everything it can do. I especially like the “scribble” function, where you can “write” an answer on the watch. It is amazingly effective (and fun). I have wonder how they even thought of it, much less how they are able to make it work.
As is true of all such devices, I probably only use the potential of about 10% of the watch and probably not much more of the iPhone.

I do feel like I am finally using “notes” on my iPhone more effectively, another amazing app!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, March 29, 2017.

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