2017 Spring March 30 Thursday

47 degrees this morning. No walk

Developed severe cough and head cold yesterday, so no walk today and probably will have to call in “sick”, something I hate to do and rarely do, but…. I certainly don’t want to give anyone what I have or get any worse.

Strange how illness develops, it was just a tiny cough and then it suddenly got worse and worse. I have a strong allergy to cold, especially direct cold breeze in buildings and ceiling fans etc. It is rather strange.

I have found that when I start to get a cold, i have a period of “denial” when I think it is just an allergy and then the realization that I have a “cold” and it will last for at least a week, which is not a comfort, to say the least.

Of course, when it slides into being serious enough to stay home from work, that is probably where I really need to change, since if I took care of it early I probably could avoid making it worse.

Part of the problem of my job (it is also a good point depending on the weather!) is the I am in and out of the car a lot and also do a lot of paperwork in the car with a cold breeze blowing on me, which is exactly the wrong thing for me.

My coughing had almost stopped, so I hope this is just a cough due to a “cold” and not the old cough.

As I mentioned earlier this month, I had to “starve” for a medical procedure and I stopped coughing completely while I was fasting.

I did take a test and was advised I have reflux (GERD). Of course, my reaction was I knew that already!

Better to know for sure than to just suspect, I feel.

Read this morning that a movie based on the book “It” by Stephen King is coming. I may have to see that movie!

I remember reading “It” years ago (I believe around 1986). I was living by myself and liked to read late at night.

“It” spooked me to say the least. I even got up to check the drains in the house. (If you’ve read the book you’ll know what I mean).

I have to say, that is one book which truly created a perception of another world where (for lack of a better word) terror was prevalent.

Stephen King wrote a lot of books I really liked and many I never could figure out. He has the gift of writing where as you read you start to feel this just COULD be true! He kind of slides from reality to a sub-reality that scares you because the way he shapes reality in the book he impossible becomes possible.

I haven’t read Stephen King book for a long time now, although I think I did read is last one and enjoyed it.

Hopefully I will start to feel better today. Drinking plenty of gatorade, which seems to help as much as anything.

That’s it for now, Thursday, March 30, 2017.


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