2017 Spring March 31 Friday

45 degrees this morning, no walk, still sick.

One good thing, I went to the “convenient care” facility and I don’t have the flu! Apparently the flu shot this year wasn’t all that accurate on which strains of flu were going to hit.

i didn’t think i had the flu, but it was good to find out I didn’t.

As it is it is bad enough, extensive coughing, nasal congestion, etc. Apparently something kicks off my asthma, which is related to cold air and, to some degree, to exercise.

I don’t think I have slept this much in years, I slept most of the day yesterday and last night. I think the coughing just wears you out.

What is really strange is some of the dreams I have had, a lot of them, oddly enough, many of them about some administrative procedures about the illness which never happened.

I dreamed about paperwork I had to sign and include numbers and addresses etc which I couldn’t find. Very strange, especially since the administrative procedures were very smooth.

Woke up at my normal time this morning, but went back to bed.

Of course, i am concerned about when I can get back to exercising.

There is wonderful health care around here that helps a lot.

I really have to wonder about the state legislature here. They have time for all kinds of worthless bills and projects, but can’t take care of school funding etc.

Hard to believe in 2015, they gave a big tax cut to oil and gas companies and an income tax cut over two years that primarily benefits wealthy taxpayers. This, even though they had to cut funding for schools and couldn’t provide a raise for teachers who are being “poached” by another state where the starting salary is $20,000 higher than here!

Of course to top it off, now they are sneaking through a bill to charge hybrid cars $30 more a year and electric cars $100 a year, they are suddenly concerned about how hybrid cars and electric cars “aren’t paying enough”.

Of course, no basis for what to charge, just pulled out of the air.

Meanwhile Oil and Gas trucks and “over the road” trucks don’t even come close to paying for the tremendous damage they do to highways and bridges. (Nothing against them, they just ought to pay their fair share.)

Well, I will probably spend the day sleeping and trying to avoid coughing! At least I have some medicine and am starting to feel a little better.

That’s it for now, Friday, March 31, 2017.


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