2017 Spring April 1 Saturday

47 degrees tis morning. No walk, still feeling sick, although a lot better. Generally fits of coughing, weakness etc., but thank goodness the head congestion has stopped. The head congestion (and associated problems) was getting very tiresome.

April 1, although month has started in 2017. I expect it will fly by like the previous months have, which may be ok for April now that I think of it!

Hopefully I will start feeling better today, although it may be several days before I dare take my regular walk again. Part of my problem appears to be reaction to cold weather, or perhaps the rapid change in temperature from hot to cool etc.

I also think a large part of it is GERD, so i am really watching the quality of food I eat at one time and will concentrate on avoiding low-ph food.

Whenever i get a cold, I like to drink gatorade, which I feel helps, in large quantities. Somehow it seems to help. However I quit drinking gatorade on a regular basis (after exercise etc.) since it is low ph, so I’m not sure it is good to drink so much when I am sick already.

Low ph foods/drinks cause the cough. I haven’t drank any carbonated beverages for at least ten years since I realized they made me cough when I quit taking reflux medicine since it lowered my immune system.

i switched to Tagamet and didn’t have any real problems until the Doctor took me off Tagamet for reasons I’m still not sure of.

Hopefully there won’t be too many “April fool” jokes. Small ones I can take in a spirit of fun (even if I may grind my teeth a little), big ones or vicious ones I get angry about.

For some reason, I have never liked the idea of pranks, they normally get out of hand, but I don’t care for them anyway.

Kind of like getting pinched on St. Patricks Day for not wearing green, I tend to not like it, although if it is a child etc., I accept it in the spirt of the day with a sigh. April Fool jokes, from a child they are ok or even kind of fun as long as it is just talk.

Hopefully women college basketball will benefit from the game last night when Mississippi State beat Connecticut at the buzzer in overtime. I actually stayed awake to watch it, and I have a history of going to sleep even during the most exciting games.

One good thing about the abysmal coverage of women’s basketball and baseball by the local paper is that I don’t see the scores before I can finish watching a copy of the game.

i don’t read the sports pages anyway, since it is normally coverage of the most minute detail by the local NBA team. I can understand that but this is even in the summer, long after the NBA season is over. Even then I understand it, but they don’t bother to provide much coverage of the AAA baseball team either, which seems sort of strange, or at least neglectful of a large part of their readers.

Going to move around more today and monitor how I feel. I certainly don’t want to get sick again by doing too much too soon, but I don’t want to be a slug-about either, or at least any longer than I have too.

That’s it for now, Saturday, April 1, 2017.


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