2017 Spring April 3 Monday

54 degrees this morning, rain, no walk.

Still not feeling great, but feeling a lot better. Wouldn’t have walked even if not raining yet.

Interesting to read that when a busy interstate, highway or bridge has to be closed (such as just recently in Atlanta), usually about 60% of the traffic “disappears” and they never know for sure where it goes. People find other routes etc.

Reading more about “walkable cities”. It is a lot more than just throwing up some bike/walking lanes, it involves parking, street placement, traffic speed, residential and commercial development etc.

Read an article in a “Future” newsletter that kind of coordinated with the book. It mentioned that many “older” drivers who formerly would have had to quit driving now will have access to self driving cars and will continue to “drive” by means of self driving cars or Uber type transportation.

On the other side, it forecast many younger drivers will no longer buy cars, but will depend on Uber type transportation or public transportation. Not sure if that will actually happen or not.

I still think the “last mile” or 600 feet or whatever will be the most important thing. Kind of like fiber, the problem is getting it from the street to the individual houses or businesses and that is what will make it successful.

For example, now I can bike to the city library, except that the last 3/4 mile is too dangerous/complicated to try it. I could take a bus into the metro downtown area, but couldn’t get to where I was actually going by any public transportation etc.

Haven’t remember any dreams long enough to write them down lately, but had one yesterday.

2-2-17: Sunday

Dreamed at a conference.

Went to lunch, for some reason in bare feet.

Sat around waiting for lunch, small ramshackle room, with cast off sofa’s etc. I walked around in my bare fee, very aware I had bare feet.

They handed out some tee shirts and luggage. For some reason, I had a large suitcase with me. It was empty.

I want to eat, the cooking area was a vary small area build on a type of fork lift shelf.

The person in front of me had fried fish, an omelet and steak.

I was tying to decide what to order.

Suddenly a truck with a fork life attachment came up and picked up the lunch area, with me in in.

I was screaming “i’m in here, I’m in here”, truly terrorized as we raced down the road, the lunch area at an increasingly weird angle and higher up. The truck turned into a helicopter type vehicle and went into the air with me screaming.

I really started thinking, “this is it”, when I woke up, my heart beating fast.

Not sure what that was all about, but definitely a strong frightening dream! It was in a desert type area, with a number of people I didn’t know. Aliene was there but not in the area.

That’s it for now, Monday, April 3, 2017.


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