2017 Spring April 5 Wednesday

2017 Spring April 5 Wednesday

46 degrees this morning, no walk

Rain again this morning, not heavy, but there. Still not feeling up to walking.

Reading some more in the book on city transportation (Samuel Schwartz, “Street Smart, The Rise of Cities and the Fall of Cars”.

He makes the interesting observation that the “New” generation now reaching driving age isn’t as interested in driving because they heard their parents “complain” so much about driving. He mentions that generation was the first that was “driven” so much.

Interesting observation, not sure if it is correct or not.

Got a call from our elected Representative about my e-mail concerning the hybrid and electric tax. One of the problems with what is essentially “one party rule” in this state, they don’t really care what you think, they just want to explain their side.

The hybrid and electric car tax really just boils down to “easy money”, not really organized enough to complain, don’t donate enough money to their campaigns and elected representatives have gerrymandered their districts so much they could really care less, except for the fat cats who fund their campaigns.

That is probably why they continue cutting taxes on the rich and shoveling tax money in “incentives” that aren’t needed while they state employees haven’t had a pay raise for 10 years, school’s are continuing cut back to where children aren’t really getting an education etc.

The Legislature has done such a horrible job, the Bond Rating was cut and that was an excuse for raiding the Hybrid and Electric car tax for the general fund, that the Legislature didn’t have enough “discretionary” funds to appropriate, meaning the tax revenues won’t be used for streets and highways.

I really think a major reason for the incompetence is the “term limits”, which destroy any sense of continuity, it just encourages the extremists to grab what they can and impose their extreme views, because someone else is going to have to worry about the consequences.

I have finally gotten Facebook basically cleaned up, and have “unfollowed” or blocked all of the political posts. They were somewhat fun, but they were basically just advertising sites. It is amazing how they sneak back in, I just have to not read and block each one as it shows up. Takes a lot less time to read Facebook and I am seeing the posts I really wanted to see again.

Election here yesterday.Wide variety of issues (depending on where you lived) from primaries to votes on whether to allow a new development.

The development was good, it was a “high end” retail, with housing etc. and a lot of new restaurants. The question really wasn’t on the type of development, but on whether the location was appropriate

Of course the news reports were that the residents “didn’t want” this type of development, the news media couldn’t take the time to note the reason the development was defeated, but broad-brushed it to say the community didn’t want that type of development, which was absolutely false.

New accounts come down today at work, which always adds an extra interest to work as I work through the new accounts and plan how to handle them.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, April 5, 2017.


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