2017 Spring April 6 Thursday

42 degrees this morning. No walk.

Still recovering from my cold and cough, feeling a lot better. Decided to start again Saturday morning, depending on how I feel.

By coincidence, I have a follow-up visit Friday, once scheduled since January. Give me a chance to discuss the coughs and colds that develop. I am getting tired of them!

I don’t know if it really helps, but I have started using the “disinfectant” after every stop. Also I have a disinfecting system (called “phone soap”) that uses the same rays used to disinfect sewer water for my phones, ear phones, and I also have been known to use it to disinfect credit cards etc.

Not that I’ve gotten paranoid or anything, just being careful and decided every little bit may help!

I am still surprised I haven’t heard hardly anything about the hybrid and electric car tax. I guess a one-party state just shoves through any nutty idea the leaders have without any real analysis or study. This state is going to be as bad as Kansas.

Of course, of all the crazy, insane ideas, some state legislature in this state is trying to push legislation to allow “corporate states”, that is a corporation (or any group) could apply for “city state” status and “negotiate” (read “bribe”) special agreements on taxes etc. if they own a piece of property and virtually ignore laws that are responsible for maintaining the safety of our residents. Scary that even this incompetent legislature is actually considering it.

Of course, as normal in this state, it is being “snuck through” on the sly. I can’t even find more information on it yet, although I”m sure I will.

Having a lying bully lunatic as the “so called” president seems to permeate all of the activities as people seem to start to act like it is ok to lie, cheat, steal and otherwise bully their way around without any consideration for other people.

The only good thing I can think of is that when things get extreme there is usually a reaction and hopefully there will be one in this case.

Allowing the president to accuse other people of crimes without any basis is low-class to say the least. Continuing to kow tow to a liar and corrupt person just because you may get what you want doesn’t do any good.

Again, I think the “term limits” are just bringing in extreme “get it while we can” legislators who have no concept of governance or the long term effects of their actions and they don’t really care since there is no accountability, they will be long gone.

Office day yesterday, working on new accounts. Probably my favorite day, next to going out “in the field” on new accounts. Kind of like Christmas once a month! Anyway, it keeps it interesting.

Today will be a field day, when I work the new accounts (and some existing) in the field.

AAA baseball games begin today, a sure sign that Spring is here! Unfortunately the first month or so tend to be too cool to enjoy the games (depending on the day of course, some days can be wonderful), but we enjoy what we can and don’t worry about it.

That’s it for now, Thursday, April 6, 2017.



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