2017 Spring April 7 Friday

52 degrees this morning. No walk,

Feeling a lot better, but decided to wait one more day before walking again (until I see the Doctor this morning)

Still cool, of course to me it is “cool” until it gets to around 75 degree.

Time plugs on. Friday already, thank goodness! I like work, but I also like the weekends!

Next week I have to sit down and finalize our income tax returns. I basically have them ready, since we have to “pay” this year, I don’t see any any reason to pay before I have to. Plus I keep reviewing it to see if I can find any more deductions!

Of course that also means warmer weather is coming soon, which I am really looking forward too.

I found a place that will make a “quilt” (of various sizes) of my old t-shirts (I’m talking about the event/place type t-shirts).

Many of them I will no longer likely wear, so I am going to put them into a quilt or quilts. I’m not sure yet how many t-shirts will fit into a quilt, but they mentioned around 80. Since I have at least 200, probably more, I have plenty for a quilt.

Of course, now, he decision is, do I just make a diverse quilt, or do I make “theme” quilts. For example, I could have one quilt of just trips, vacations etc. and another of “event”, or some type of social comment

Probably I will end up just getting the ones I know I am never logically going to wear, but that have too many memories associated with them.

i an hoping as I start going through them I will start to see some type of flow and can sort them out into some type of themes, or maybe some type of non-themes.

I still will take pictures of them of them before I take them in.

Of course, the best thing is it releases me to feel comfortable about getting more when I see something I want (especially the free ones!).

Now, if I just could find something similar for my hats! I have a lot of hats I”d like to keep for the memories associated with them, but many of them have been washed one (or more) too many times, or are just worn out.

On the other hand, I didn’t ask if they can do anything with hats, would be neat if they could put the hats in with the tee-shirts, although I really don’t see how they could do it.

First ball game last night of the season. A little cool, but they built some nice areas where you can watch from inside and we went in when we started to get cold and were lucky we got some inside seats we could see fairly well. It was an excellent ball game and fortunately we let before it was over, since “our” team lost 1-0 on a wild pitch in the 9th inning! It actually was an errorless, scoreless tie when we left. Not a good way to start the season.

Looking forward to warmer weather today and this weekend.

That’s it for now, Friday, April 7 2017.


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