2017 Spring April 8 Saturday

62 degrees this morning. No walk.

Almost walked this morning and then decided not quite ready, I definitely am ready psychologically for walking again!

“Aspiration” may be the cause of my coughing, I learned from the Doctor visit. Somehow “aspirating” food into my lungs.

After I got back, I looked it up and I doubt that that is specifically the reason or I would be a lot sicker. I do think the “GERD” is a major reason from researching on the internet.

Anyway it is good to learn that we may be getting closer to a solution to the coughing.

When I was “fasting” for another routine medical test, I noticed that I completely quit coughing, which in my opinion gave some credence for the concept that food somehow caused my coughing.

The Doctor picked right up on it as a possible important factor.

I had read a book where “fasting” on a regular bases is cited as a good way to lose weight, it also may be healthy!

I had noted that cold weather and eating were factors that start me coughing.

Attending a “first” (one year old) birthday today. Again, you realize how fast time goes, especially in seeing children grow from one stage to another.

I guess as you grow older the “stages” are extended longer, but still there. The time does seem to grow faster as you get older.

Speaking of time, we are approaching three years since we moved to this area, actually not until July, but it will soon be here. At least we have found a house we really like.

We don’t care for the weather too much (or at least our reactions to the weather). We never got this sick in Memphis, so we figure we are allergic to something in the area, something we didn’t used to be allergic to.

Watching a tape of the “qualifying” for the Shanghai Formula One race. Probably the “holy grail” of experience I would like to do someday is go to Shanghai and attend a Formula One race.

Of the cities we visited in China, I liked Shanghai the best, although we really only visited four Chinese cities. Something was so alive and vibrant about it.

We are also considering a cruise sometime, it is something we have never done, but want to do. Probably will do it sooner rather than later, depending on schedules etc.

It is always interesting to observe how a trip can develop. We have some friends we like to meet in various places and sometimes, we could never work out our schedules to meet in a certain place and then, at times, like “it was meant to be”, everything just fell into place, sometimes literally within hours.

Also, sometimes a place (like Niagara Falls) will suddenly be of interest, or a baseball game in a certain city etc. Always nice to have a new experience to look forward to!

Looking forward to a nice “warm” Spring weekend!

That’s it for now, Saturday, April 8, 2017.


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