2017 Spring April 9 Sunday


69 degrees this morning (very windy). Walk 34:44 minutes

Walk this morning was very windy. In spite of taking “puffs” before I walked and wearing my “mouth muffs”, I did cough a lot (and associated actions) while walking, but it didn’t continue after the walk was over. I’m not sure if that is good or bad.

Pace was only about 13 seconds slower than expectation. Overall, since it was my first walk in over a week, (actually almost two weeks), so it wasn’t that bad and I was glad to get back into action, so to speak.

The wind really made it a “cool” 69 degrees which contributed to my coughing during the walk.

The hybrid and electric tax passed the State House (of course). I am even more disturbed the more I learned about the way it is being handled.

-The leadership continually say it is for the “streets and highway fund”, but the bill actually says it goes to the general fund.

-I now learn that the one-party government has decided to define a “tax” as “whatever they say is a tax” (the one-party monopoly leadership).

-There was no analysis to determine what the true “tax” should be. (Which is why it is a tax, it is strictly a revenue raising measure).

Talk about a leadership “out of control” with it’s own power. I hardly think they have the legal authority to define a “tax” as a “fee” when the constitution declares the 75% approval is required or a “tax”, but only a “majority” for a “fee”.

Don’t get me wrong, I disagree with the “supermajority” to increase taxes, but it is part of the constitution so they should follow the rules.

Instead we are advised “sue after the tax is passed” that is is unconstitutional. Sure.

Again it is just a heavy handed “tax that person behind the tree’” while they give big giveaways of tax funds to their donors and big companies.

Meanwhile they give big tax breaks to the heavy polluters and literally millions of giveaways to “wind industry” and now they are penalizing hybrid and electric owners for driving a vehicle that saves the environment! Sick.

Worst of all, there was no analysis at all, strictly an attempt raise funds after giving big tax breaks to the high income residents and businesses. There was no justification at all n the amount, just pulled out of the air, like much of the thinking they do.

Reading more in the book about city streets, “walkable streets” etc. I learned that traffic affects residential neighborhoods.

Residents with heavy traffic are a lot less trustful and have a lot fewer “neighborhoods friends” than areas with low traffic counts.

Thinking about tit, it is probably logical, I just never really thought about it before.

Anyway, it is good to get back into walking again!

That’s it for now, Sunday, April 9, 2017.


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