2017 Spring April 10 Monday

2017 Spring April 10, Monday69 degrees this morning, walk 34:47 minutes

Wind was down a lot this morning during my walk. Hardly coughed at all. Less wind makes a difference.

Pace was about 3 seconds faster than expectations.

Listening to a book on “mindfulness”. I learned something new, that rats have no sense of shame. (I am talking about the 4 legged rats, not 2 legged!).

I really hadn’t thought before that rats have no shame emotion, although I’m not sure if I ever really thought about it.

I do know from personal experience (that is my perception of a dogs behavior) that dogs do have a sense of embarrassment.

This came up in the book on “Mindfulness” and being aware of your emotions and the author mentioned that a rat doesn’t feel any shame because it doesn’t have the shame emotion even available to it for some reason.

Speaking of embarrassment, I had an experience with recycling. We almost always have a full recycling cart (we have the 96 gallon? carts for recycling it is important it be picked up on the every other week schedule.

The trash cart is picked up every week, and we don’t have that much trash, so it wouldn’t be a big deal to miss a week.

Anyway the recycling truck used to come very early, so I got used to putting it out early or the night before because we can’t miss a pickup since the next one is two weeks away.

The past few months they have come later in the day so I got lazy about putting it out early, although I normally put it out when I walked or when I got my papers etc.

Anyway, last Friday I was sitting around eating breakfast before I started work (an office day) when I heard a noise and realized the recycling truck was coming and the cart wasn’t out! Since I didn’t walk and had been sick,I was off my normal schedule.

I raced out in my shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops and was pulling the recycling cart into place when then the truck was pulling up, disaster (missing the recycling pickup with a full recycling cart) was adverted!

I’m just glad I wasn’t in my shower wrap, which has a tendency to fall off!

Wrote more letters on the “hybrid and electric tax”. Learned one of the big supporters (and I’m sure contributed a lot of money to the Legislature ) was the director of the “Road Contractor Association” (don’t know the exact name) looking forward to another $1,000,000 in state slush funds.
Ironic to hear him (the Director of the Road Contractors Association) talk about how much more damage the few hundred pounds a hybrid causes (which I don’t believe is true anyway) when the road contractors are notorious for tearing up roads and bridges with overloaded trucks that are undertaxed to begin with!

Of course, I’m not sure if he realized this money is designated for the “general fund”, not the street and highway fund, so he will have to shell out more money to the Legislature to get the funding consigned to streets and highways.

It was almost funny (not really) to watch the bill amendment progress, first it assigned the money 100%to the state, then the county and city lobbyists weighed in and the money was assigned 80%/20% (20%for local funding) and then suddenly the Legislature realized they had this “unassigned” pot of money and it was assigned to the general fund for their pet projects!

I won’t say what this reminds me of, but they were so pleased at the idea of a “new” source of income, after their giveaways of tax breaks for the wealthy, tax breaks for “clean energy” (and then tax emission free electrics and low emission hybrids) and the huge tax breaks for the oil and gas lobbyists, while state services (including education) are not being funded.

That’s it for now, Monday, April 10, 2017.


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