2017 Spring April 12 Wednesday

60 degrees this morning, Walk 35:49 minutes

Walk this morning was ok, I am definitely ready for warmer weather, although 60 degrees is hardly cold, especially if the wind isn’t blowing.

On the other hand, it isn’t 75 or 80 degrees so there is still a bite to it.

Pace was about 26 seconds slower than expected, I haven’t figured out what contributes to walking so much slower on some days. Or faster on others for that matter.

The book on “Mindfulness” this morning mentioned that learning to concentrate on something while ignoring conflicting information was a goal. She mentioned that if the mind can concentrate a lot can get done.

On the other hand, I couldn’t help but think that if you are ignoring the “conflicting” information you are ignoring a lot of new information that could be valuable.

Perhaps that is one of the major problems with decision making is that if you concentrate on something too much, and ignore conflicting information, you aren’t making a decision with full information.

Of course, you could always argue that “too much information” can be a problem, since at some point you have to make a decision.

I decided to be “mindful” and concentrate on listening to the book, even paying attention to some of the “vapor think” in the book.

Probably was a good idea I probably heard some good ideas I wouldn’t have heard if I had let myself be distracted by the “vapor think” items.

On another subject completely, just noted where the “Education Secretary”, the extortionist “de vice”, who is set on destroying public school systems for the benefit of some of her businesses, is making it harder for students to adjust their student loans.

Talk about a vindictive, vicious, greedy ignorant “person” if you can call her a human being.

Of course, as normal, blame everything on Obama, but can’t say where the problem was with Obama’s policies, just has to have someone else to blame for her inadequate thinking.

The most dangerous and harmful actions by the lying bully lunatic aren’t some of his actions, but the ignorant criminals (or just plain ignorant, vicious, vindictive type of extremists) he appointed.

Of course, de vice is nothing but an extortionist bully who uses her money to push her bizarre ideas and her war on public education. Hopefully she will be fired soon, or more likely, jailed

The EPA Secretary, is a career criminal who plundered Oklahoma taxpayers and rented luxury offices near his home and hired all of his attorney buddies regardless of the horrible Oklahoma economy.

I can’t even imagine the damage he is going to cause the environment and the people who will die due to his ignorant, extremist actions.

Went back to the gym yesterday morning (where I primarily ride the stationary bicycle) after a layoff due to my cold, or whatever you call it.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, April 12, 2017.


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