2017 Spring April 13 Thursday

61 degrees this morning. No walk due to schedule today

At least the temperature is higher most mornings now, although there is still the touch of cold in the air.

Noticed this morning that some computer e-mail (or maybe it was the cable tv itself) wanted to make me “recommendations” on what to watch!

I am just amazed at all the companies, programs etc. that want to give me “recommendations” on what to watch, read, etc!

As if I didn’t have books, movies, web sites and plenty of “things to do” stacked up enough to let me for a year already! Why in the world would I want any “recommendations” on books, movies or magazines, etc?

I don’t mean the magazines, computer sites etc. that summarize books, magazines, shows or trips and let you make up your own mind, just the places that think I need to have “recommendations” on what to do! Kind of arrogant to say the least!

I ignore them all anyway.

Of course the stores like Amazon are the worst. For some reason they think I need two printers, etc, once I buy something, I am inundated with ads for the very same thing!

I wonder what in the world they are thinking, all they are doing is irritating me by wasting my time!

I have gotten to the point I resent having to delete a junk e-mail, much less have to take the time to “unsubscribe” to something I never wanted to subscribe to in the first place.

The same holds true for the “recommendations” on what to do this weekend etc. Just tell me what is going on, I don’t need any “recommendations”! Perhaps it is just poor wording on their part.

Nothing against people, websites etc. who provide “recommendations” on request, just tired of unsolicited “recommendations” that waste my time.

It seems the older I get, the less time I have. Of course that is literally true, but it seems like as your choices become more limited by age, health or whatever, you would have more time, but that isn’t true, at least in my case.

I really don’t think if/when I “retire” I will really have any more time. Technically, I have probably literally extra days of discretionary time compared to when I was a City Manager, but it is almost like I had more time then.

Now, I have a job where I literally can’t work over 40 hours per week, but I feel like I have less free time. Probably some type of strange psychological quirk!
I really do try to avoid just wasting time, (it is very easy to do!). Maybe setting priorities on my time will provide more time. I assume that is what I did in my past, I set priorities because time was limited. However, even than, I read three newspapers a day, usually exercised about an hour a day more than I do now, plus worked a lot more hours, including two or three meetings per week!

Anyway, I”m going to start keeping track (somewhat, I don’t want it to take a lot of time!) on how I use my time, just so I know. It will help me set priorities for using my time.

That’s it for now, Thursday, April 13, 2017.


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