2017 Spring April 14 Friday

62 degrees this morning, walk 34:57 minutes

Almost didn’t walk this morning, thought was too rainy. Decided to try it and it actually was a nice walk. Hardly coughed at all, if at all.

Pace was about 13 seconds slower than my goal.

Just watching Jim Cramer who mentioned most people are staying home now, except one major demographic that still loves to shop at retail stores-children (and people who feel like children I assume).

I don’t know if the idea that people are staying at home and ordering food from restaurants is true or not.

Except for maybe pizza, I can’t imaging ordering a prepared meal from a restaurant at full price to eat at home. Nothing wrong with it, I just can’t imagine myself doing that. If I am paying for a meal, I want the experience!

Apparently a lot of people do it, because restaurants push it. Of course restaurants love it and I don’t blame them.

Back to shopping on-line, while I like to shop on-line for some things clothing is one thing I want to see before I buy it. Even with so called “easy returns”, it is difficult to have to return something and clothing and shoes are especially hard to picture on-line. Actually I am surprised how often I find that Amazon actually is higher than local stores.

Filed our tax returns last night. I didn’t want to wait until the last minute and have something go wrong. (I hold off on paying until Tuesday though!) Well, I”ll probably mail them in Monday just to be sure.

Filing income tax is kind of a rule stick of the year. Of course, it used to be that DST started around this period although it is a lot earlier now.

It is always a relief to get the tax return off, with the hope that I got everything right! I am always shocked at how much income taxes are.

Of course having to pay for the lying bully’s golf outings and the stays at his rip-off hotels and “resorts” by the government employees who have to go with him (how is that legal?) makes it harder to pay taxes.

Also the “security” expenses of Education Secretary de vice and the criminal at the EPA are suddenly demanding security at the cost of over a $1,000,000 per month.

Living high at our expense while they ruthlessly cut programs benefiting the lower and middle class and shoveling our tax money to their buddy’s and rich friends. I will be happy to see them in jail in the near future, along with the lying bully lunatic. I normally don’t really support jail for nonviolent crimes, but I think they deserve jail time.

Heavy rain yesterday in the late afternoon, with light rain last night. Our lawn just got treated yesterday morning, so I am hoping it was a treatment that needed water! I have to assume they would tell us if there was a problem.

That’s it for now, Friday, April 14, 2017.


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