2017 Spring April 15 Saturday


67 degrees this morning, walk 34:34 minutes.

Walk was cool this morning, a cool/humid wind. Pace was 3 seconds slower than my goal pace. Didn’t hardly cough at all.

Researching “aspiration” and “GERD” and the effects on coughing. Basically, I am working on eating much slower (in a “mindful way” so to speak) and hopefully much less, at least at any one time.

That is what they recommend as a starter, so I will be concentrating on eating as slow as possible and as little at one time as possible.

There also is a number of foods I need to avoid. Some I have avoided for years, such as carbonated beverages of any type. I now avoid at least excessive use or any regular use of low ph foods. While some are obvious, some are surprising.

Through it all, I have always enjoyed my coffee, the heck with the consequences! Actually, my coffee consumption has gone way down, one reason is that I don’t drink coffee (except perhaps for ice coffee) while I drive. (I tend to spill it on myself!)

In fact, the only hot coffee i ever drink while driving is McDonalds coffee, they seem to make the only cup that I don’t spill on myself.

We have a Starbucks about 2 miles away, (it was built about 4 months ago or so) and we find ourselves stopping at Starbucks a lot more and even eating some meals there.

Their food used to be almost uneatable, but it has gotten a lot better for the most part.

What is funny is that we (or at least I) are not just stopping more at “our” Starbucks, but also other Starbucks.

The “mobile ordering” is certainly nice, we use it quite a bit. One day, there was a long line, so I just “mobile ordered” and it was ready by the time I walked from the back of the line to the pick-up point!

I noticed other restaurants are encouraging “mobile ordering” , even if you are eating in the restaurant. I can see times I might do that, but part of the experience is looking at the menu and ordering from the menu.

The world is truly changing! I frequently order from Starbucks while sitting at a stop light. (I honestly never try it while driving, I do have too much experience at the consequences of bad judgment to try that!) I usually can order from the parking lot and it is ready by the time I get in.

Easter weekend, among other things, a sign that Spring is really here.

About ready to end the listening to the book on “mndfulness”. It has provided some interesting thoughts on being aware of your feelings, surroundings etc.
I went to a “mindfulness” session at a conference and they concentrated on being aware of what you eat. I have tried to be very conscious of what I am eating, and all of the tastes, texture, etc. of food.

Frankly, it is difficult to maintain, and can slow your eating a lot. However, with my research, that (slow eating) is exactly what I need, so I will be eating much slower, and hopefully much less and enjoying it more!

That’s it for today, Saturday, April 15, 2017.


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