2017 Spring April 16 Sunday


69 degrees this morning, walk 35:30 minutes.

Walk this morning was good, it relatively still, little wind. For some reason I thought my pace was a lot faster than it was, it was 27 seconds slower then expectations, which is about as slow as I walk. I really thought I was walking faster, but….

Didn’t hardly cough at all this morning. The Doctor started me on some new medicine and I also have taken a more practiced approach (slower) response to eating and the amount I eat at one time.

Kind of a “chicken or egg” type of way of deciding what works to resolve the condition. So far, so good anyway.

In recognition of it being April 15 yesterday I wrote the checks for the US and state income tax returns. They actually aren’t due until April 18. Actually I sent the returns in about a week ago electronically, I just wait until closer to the deadline to send the checks in!

Finished the book on “mindfulness” this morning during my walk. Now I have the anticipation of selecting another book to listen to during my morning walk.

I realize the importance of which book is selected so I try to take care in the selection. I will have to live with it for at least the next three years, also if I have a real clunker , I can just stop listening, but I rarely do!

The book mentioned “positive self talk”. About 2i0 years I starting using “self talk” and “affirmations” and they actually do work will. It still works and I still use it. Other concepts in the book were interesting and I can try them.

I do really like the idea of being aware of my feelings and using that as feedback.

Our second Spring in this house. We are staring to think about changes that will help us enjoy the house more!

We are looking at ways we can provide some protection from the heat in the Summer, on the back patio so we can enjoy the patio. Still haven’t decided what alternative we like the best and we also have to get it though the HOA,.

We appreciate the efforts of the HOA (Homeowners Association). They have worked hard at keeping up the neighborhood.

I have noticed with dismay that many groups (like the backyard chicken groups etc.) are trying to get state legislatures to ban cities from making rules about chickens.

The Texas Legislature (need I say more) treated the matter as a huge joke, which says a lot about the Texas Legislature (it deserves all of the distain and criticism it gets as the worse state legislature in the nation.

It seems a city should have the authority to decide if they allow barnyard animals in the backyard, but it seems the prevailing attitude is to bully everyone else as much as possible and the poor quality of State Legislature officials encourages the bullying behavior.

A little rain yesterday, but then the weather turned beautiful, hope it keeps on today!

That’s it for now, Sunday, April 16, 2017.

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