2017 Spring April 20 Thursday


69 degrees this morning Walk 35:12 minutes

Walk this morning was ok, no real chill in the air. Thought I was walking faster, but my pace was still 17 seconds slower than my objective.

In a way, analyzing my walking speed and being inaccurate may be the reason that “self evaluation” needs other factors! Obviously it is hard to judge my speed, other than some objective measurement like my pace.

I expect other behaviors, actions, decisions etc. are the same way. It is just really difficult to objectively measure yourself. A lot of factors are involved.

it seems that I should be able to easily measure something as objective as how fast I am walking, but…. obviously a lot of factors come into play.

Probably the same is true about other items, you analysis yourself in an imperfect way.

As I get older, I read about how your judgement can decline with age etc. (of course there is also the factor that you are supposed to get wiser with age also!). I try to watch myself, so far I don’t see any decline in judgement, but it is kind of a difficult judgement, since it your judgement is getting worse, your judgement won’t be good enough to determine if your judgement isn’t good enough!

I believe that is where it is important to have someone around who is honest and will tell you if your actions aren’t good. Of course, your judgement has to be good enough to know when you are getting good honest advice!

I think that points out the value of encouraging good honest feedback.

Kind of like the old days when supposedly the “Joker” could tell the King anything, because it was likely the other Kings advisors would not tell him anything he didn’t want to hear!

I assume the Joker had to do it in humorous or off the wall ways so the King wouldn’t be upset by the truth.

Believe me, i can see the value in having a “Joker” around.

As I have mentioned before, that is the problem with some of the “surveys” businesses ask you for. If you answer honestly (very few businesses, or individuals have “perfect 10” operations), they get upset about it.

Kind of like the ballpark food. The other day, the “chicken fingers” were absolutely wonderful and I said so. Last night they weren’t near as good, but I didn’t complain because I didn’t want to be a complainer. However, if I had been the Chef, I think I would rather have the negative feedback rather than the positive feedback! (That is an example only!).

Back to self evaluation, that is the real value of the Apple watch feedback, it is strictly based on “pace” and I know it is accurate and non-judgmental and completely objective.
It may not make me happy, but I know it is accurate andI need to look at how fast I am walking. Now, if I could figure out how to walk faster…. Probably will walk faster this summer when I switch to lighter walking clothes.

That’s it for now Thursday, April 20, 2017.


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