2017 Spring April 22 Saturday

47 degrees this morning, walk 35:35 minutes

Obviously true “Spring” (warm weather and warm breezes) isn’t here yet! Yesterday was miserable, with a huge storm in the morning (rain and wind) and cold and miserable all day.

There was a lot of short-term flooding and some isolated areas of wind damage.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to get out yesterday, thank goodness!

Wouldn’t have minded quite so much except we had tickets to the baseball game last night. We are not cold weather baseball fans (we are fans, but only if we are not sitting outdoors in the cold and wet!) It is a little easier because if we are fast enough and find a good table we can watch the game from inside, but it isn’t near the same.

Walk this morning was cold, but wasn’t too bad. I just was in the phase of putting one foot in front of the other and finishing the walk. Pace was 20 seconds slower than the goal.

Listening to the book on Algorithms this morning. I always seem to learn something from it. The book this morning went over “sort and search”. If I understand it correctly (and I may well not), the more important the “search” time, the more time you spend on the “sort” aspect to improve the “search” time.

The book mentioned that “search” was really important to Google etc., but in other areas, the “search” time is not all that important and the “sort” time isn’t really worth it.

He mentioned how looking for a book (the “search”) may not be worth the time it takes to “sort’ the books etc.

Another item they discussed was the “cache” or short-term memory. Probably explained for one of the first times so I really understood it.

The best example he used was if you needed a certain number of books, if you got the books in one trip to the library, it didn’t matter that you didn’t have immediate access to the entire library, all you needed was access to the specific books.

Basically, as I understand it, the cache is for immediate access and contains items that are accessed a lot. Makes sense, and then you need to decide what to do when the Cache gets full and how you decide what to delete.

Based on discussion in the book, apparently the best method for deleting existing cache is to make room for new information is the “least frequently used” method. I may have that wrong, I need to research this on the internet or get a copy of the book!

Just saw a feature on tv about the New York Times crossword puzzle. For some reason, I have never gotten into crossword puzzles or similar puzzles. Maybe I don’t have the patience, but it is just something I have never gotten interested in .

As I mentioned yesterday, the week started slow and then suddenly it was Friday! Now the weekend is here!

I am just amazed that 4 months of 2017 is almost over and I still am not even used to writing 2017!

The weekend probably will not be a good weather weekend, which is too bad since we have tickets to the baseball game today and tomorrow. That’s the breaks I guess!

That’s it for now, Saturday, April 22, 2017.


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