2017 Spring April 23 Sunday

47 degrees this morning, 34:45 minute walk

Coolish walk this morning. Pace was 4 seconds faster than the current goal. However, my overall goal is to make my goal one -minute per mile faster, so I would be 56 seconds slower than my real goal.

After I reach my future goal (of one minute faster than my current goal), I will probably be happy with that and just be concerned if I meet that goal.

Thinking about goals during my weight lifting session this morning. While I have probably pretty well achieved my permanent goal in the dumb bells (it will probably be some time before I even consider going up), I am getting ready to increase my weight on the bench press.

My current weights on the bench press are pathetic to say the least. I’m not even going to say what I currently lift on the bench press, except that I am going up about another 20 libs or so. Just say it is a lot less than the 300 lbs I used to bench press, and I really don’t even expect to get close to that again.

My increase in weight in the bench press is measured by increasing weights over a period of months, and probably years, not weeks! The increase in weights on the dumb bells is definitely measured in the “years” before I increase weights again.

At some point, I’m sure I will either decide (or have decided for me) that I have reached a permanent limit.

I think permanent limits are a concept that is hard for me to accept, that I have reached a maximum in something or have some limit on something I can’t (or can) do and it will not change.

You spend your life thinking of increasing results and suddenly (or maybe gradually, but it seems like suddenly), there are limits to your life.

The other day I read about “cars people drive for ten years or more’, and while it was interesting, my main thought was I’m not sure if I’d want to limit myself to driving a certain car for ten years! Makes you to not want to buy one if you limit your future cars!

Actually I plan on driving the current car I use the most for 7 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first and I”m happy with the idea.

That is part of the problem I am having with the “tee-shirt quilt” is that as I start to select shirts for the quilt, I realize it means I can never wear it again!

Of course, it doesn’t matter that maybe if haven’t worn a tee shirt for 10 years or whatever, but say at least for a year), it seems it wouldn’t matter but it does.

Anyway, I like the concept of the tee-shirt quilt enough I am going to proceed, even if I have to use the “select one shirt a day” conception the theory that if I select one shirt per day, it will be 90 days and I will have enough shirts for a quilt.

Also, it will give me a chance to reconsider and wear a shirt one last time. Actually, I think once I get started, I won’t have any problem finding shirts that I can commit to the quilt!

That’s it for now, Sunday, April 23, 2017.


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