2017 Spring April 24 Monday

50 degrees this morning, walk 35:46 minutes

Walk this morning was “on the cool side”, pace was 23 seconds per mile slower than my goal. I’m not sure how I’ll ever cut a minute off my goal (and actually meet or exceed my goal), but I think when it warms up I may be able to do it. Basically, I just need to walk a little faster.

If I’m figuring right, I would need to increase my pace approximately 6%.

Finished “Downton Abbey”. Watched it only while I was on the stationary bike and while at Starbucks. I believe it is probably about roughly 50 hours of watching. You know a series is good when you personalize the characters and, which rationally you know better, emotionally you feel they are actual characters.

I am going to try to watch other movies or series while I am on the stationary bike or at Starbucks, but it will somewhat depend on finding something that holds my interest. I tentatively started watching the “Untouchables”, but I” not sure it that will be interesting or not.

I may go back to reading the paper on my stationary bike and a book at Starbucks.

Actually, if my cough continues to subside, I will start riding my bike for “real” again, which would really be nice. So far, so good on the cough.

I”m still not sure if it is the food (stopping or at least minimizing eating too fast and/or too much) or the new medicine that is controlling my cough. Time will tell.

Listening to the book on “Algorithms in Daily Life”, i found that my tendency to “piles” off paper etc. may be the most efficient means of organization, or at least a good way of organization I believe it is based on the “last most frequently used” filing system.

This has been a very interesting book. I was glad to find it in the library system, so I am borrowing it so I can physically read it also. I enjoy listening to it, but it is hard to retain some of the more technical information/

Today the book discussed “scheduling”. The book went into a lot on the most efficient way of scheduling (which is kind of a contradiction in terms), but it basically said there is no really efficient method of scheduling .

Even a computer will have to schedule tasks “one at time”, it is just that it does it so fast you don’t notice it. Kind of an optical illusion I guess.

The book mentioned the most inefficient part of the computer is that it has to be ready for the operator, so it has to keep checking back to see if I am inputing something. Apparently they try to figure out the optimal delay that a human can accept without making it obvious that there is a delay!

Weekend included a lot of baseball (very cold baseball) over the weekend since we had tickets to games over the weekend. (along with the associated food!). It was cool to cold, Sunday afternoon was great, Friday night we spent the entire game inside!

Starting the last week of April 2017. Time goes so fast. The beginning of the week and I”m sure it will be Friday before I know it!

That’s it for now, Monday, April 24, 2017.


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