2017 Spring April 25 Tuesday

63 degrees this morning, walk 35:11 minutes

Windy walk this morning, but overall not bad. Pace was 3 seconds slower than the goal.

Listening to the book on Algorithms in daily life on probability. I have to admit it left me a little disbelieving Some theory that “anything will last twice as long as it is now” was absolutely untrue and no matter how much they tried to justify it with other “rules”. It just doesn’t make any sense in real experience.

When I get the book, I”ll look at it a little more.

Weather is supposed to be in the mid-80’s today, which I am looking forward to that!

There is a song on tv that just caught my attention, Tina Malia “Om Sarve” from the album “Bridge to Valiabha” from 2015. Wanted to note it because it was a really beautiful song. Among my other early morning experiences, I sometimes listen to “New Age” music on the tv music channel with the “quotes” which may be meaningful or maybe not.

Sometimes the quotes and the music really hit home, other times it is just the background. When I do hear something I really like or see a quote which really hits home, it is worth the time and effort.

The “new” shoes I recently purchased (the ones I use only for walking) are now into approximately 33% of their lifespan. Amazing how fast time passes!

Sometimes the inefficiency and just flat incompetence of “business” amazes me. (I have to wonder about people who say “government should be run like a business”. I spent about half an hour on the phone last night just trying to explain I had gotten a suspicious e-mail and was wanting to check if it was valid.

Anyway, I ended up getting a $40 refund on something I hadn’t even asked about! While the original person I talked with was well-meaning, I don’t think he had been trained very well.

On another subject, I have a medical device that needs supplies. Even though it is in their best interest to sell me as much as possible, I have a very hard time getting supplies, and when I get them, they are he wrong ones! The inefficiency and incompetence amazes me.

Over the weekend we found that two LED “long lasting” bulbs burned out after about 4 or 5 months. So much for 20 years!

Of course, there were made by GE. As I noted some time ago, I got a GE “night light” that was supposed to be a LED that would last for 14years. After 3 months, it started malfunctioning. I complained and get some kind of brush off letter with a $5.00 coupon, no question as to the malfunctioning light. I sent it back and they did ask for the defective device so they could check it out. Later I was sent four of the LED motion detector night lights (no explanation) that actually work great and I wish I could find some more.

However, I noted GE makes some of the “nuclear” medicine machines, I hope they pay more attention to quality control on the machines as they do on the lights bulbs! (We are just throwing away the defective GE LED bulbs, we use don’t want to hassle with it.)

Dream, first one I remembered fro awhile:

Dream 4-24-17:

Dreamed I was making a call at work For some reason Aliene and Angela were with me.

I want on the call, which was i a long older white building built up on a high foundation.

Afterwords i got in the car and started diving and stopped someplace else.

When I got back the car had water in it (not just damp, but about a foot of water). I started the car and the water went out, I was thinking it had gone into the radiator and engine, but it least it disappeared. (That is actually impossible, but the was a dream!)

Angela (as a little girl) had been out of the car and didn’t want to get back in because the water, although it wasn’t around anymore, Angela said the water had made the car cold.

Started to drive, when I woke up.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, April 25, 2017.


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