2017 Spring April 27 Thursday

42 degrees this morning. Walk 34:48 minutes

Really dreaded the thought of walking this morning in 42 degree weather! Of course, as it turned out, the walk was excellent, there was no wind and it was cold, but not a “bitter” cold and it was an enjoyable walk.

Pace was 3 seconds faster than my current goal.

Setting goals can be difficult. I feel I need to at least set a goal I can achieve, but that isn’t too easy. My current goal for my “pace” is good because I can reach it, or even significantly exceed it (that is, I am faster than my goal), but it also pushes me because if I don’t always make it.

As I discussed recently, at some point I may not make any more goals, but that doesn’t mean I don’t maintain goals or some type of minimum standards.

Setting a goal I can’t make in the hopes I will work harder to achieve it doesn’t make a lot of sense, any more than setting a goal I can make every time.

I don’t really follow the rule when it comes to my weight lifting since I can normally meet my goals every time. I guess that is a little different in that it depends on my goals aren’t the same as they may have been years ago.

Picked up a few concepts in listening to the Algorithm book.

“Quitting sooner” (my term) is one where you assume your first ideas are the best, but you simply base your decision on your first ideas.

One thing I really don’t like about listening to books is the difficulty (read impossibility) of going back and checking on something I’ve read!

Of course with the internet, it makes it a lot easier, except that now I don’t want to take time (it is hyper time) now to look up the correct term.

Similar to this is only basing your decision on what you can get on a single page of paper (or something in the same concept).

Kind of makes sense in a lot of ways, the your best ideas will occur first and the chances are you will make the best decision on your first thoughts and you won’t get muddled down with a bunch of extraneous thoughts that may not really have a lot of impact on your decision.

Of course, I can think of many times when some odd idea popped up that made all the difference and those don’t necessarily pop up first.

I may well do this just out of necessity due to the lack of time, so I assume for most decisions, that is a good policy.

The next concept was “relaxation”, which, in my words, means “nobody’s perfect” and it may be efficient to make a “less than perfect” decision.

This isn’t exactly correct, since in dealing with numbers, it just means you may round off. As an example, in deciding on the number of fire stations, you may “relax” the criteria to consider “fractional fire stations” and simply decide you are going to “round up” a fire station and “round down” depending on some set criteria.

That is a very brief summary of “relaxation”, I’ll need to look at the book on this.

The next concept was the use of “randomness” in decision making. The book was just getting into that.

That’s it or now, Thursday, April 28, 2017


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