2017 Spring April 28 Friday

60 degrees this morning, 35:30 minute walk

Almost didn’t walk again this morning due to rain etc., but all of the storms were to the north or already through. It was a relatively cool 60 degrees.

My pace was 16 seconds slower than my goal.

Listening this morning to the book on Algorithms, they discussed probability and sampling

I remember when I first took Statistics, I really thought sampling was voodoo. I actually learned (or was brainwashed) into accepting that sampling was acceptable and in fact is the only rationale method for some surveys or probability.

I still kind of secretly chortle when the polls are wrong (except in the last presidential election, although I expect the FBI and the Russians had a strong role in that), but overall I think it is valid and probably the only means of prediction that are cost and time effective.

I had never really thought about it before, but the book mentioned they use sampling prediction in nuclear bombs etc. by prediction of the direction of the atoms splitting (or something like that).

By the same notion, it can be used to predict the failure of parts to an “acceptable” level etc.

I am waiting to read the book so I can review some of the concepts in more detail over the just listening to them.

I am throughly disgusted by the pandering and demagoguery displayed by the lying bully lunatic. He was blaming everyone but himself for his failures.

Anyone who acts so immaturely like that has some severe mental problems. Hopefully he will be removed for his mental illnesses (or impeached for corruption and lying) soon. Of course, the alternatives aren’t much better.

The way he is trying almost anything to make it look like he has done anything but destroy during his first “100 days” which now he says doesn’t mean anything as he desperately tries anything to try to find something he can say was a “success”. What a pathetic person.

I was dismayed by his gross and crude attempt to enrich himself and his family thorough the “tax cuts”, which are really just gifts to the already wealthy.

Of course, the way the entire family (and his appointees) are ripping off the taxpayers through the crude and low-class (and criminal) use of his position to enrich himself and his family due to his position (making government employees stay at his resorts, getting “trademarks” in other countries etc). He really should be jailed for theft and corruption.

I expect “what goes around comes around” and karma will assert itself. You can’t just lie so crudely like the lying bully does (“I’m going to have a tax plan that is better and cheaper and covers everyone” and then presents a version that only benefits the rich and insurance companies and eliminates insurance for 20,000,000 people!)

Anyway, today is the last day of he work month for April 2017. May 1 marks three years since our epic journey to China. I really hope I get to go back sometime soon.

That’s it for now, Friday, April 28, 2017.


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