2017 Spring April 29 Saturday

60 degrees this morning, no walk, heavy rain, thunder and lightning

Kind of strange, three was a forecast of “100% chance” of rain at 10 p.m., but no rain! It seems like they would say “90%” just as a fudge factor!

Actually it said 100% at every hour throughout the night, but I woke up around 1:00 a.m. and still to rain.

Of course at my usual time to get up and walk, there was heavy rain, thunder and lightning.

Just had to mess around for literally 30 minutes (at least) with the cable tv. Of course, one thing is fixed, something else goes wrong. Nothing worse than having to waste time during morning “hyper time”, although it’s not quite as bad on a Saturday.

One thing I really wish the iPhone had is a “block e-mail” feature, although I expect there is a way I can send many e-mails to the trash. Too many companies appear to take advantage of “cheap e-mails” and they really don’t care if there e-mails are basically harassment.

It is easy to block phone numbers, it seems to would be as easy to block e-mails.

One of the more stranger things on my iPhone is someone “ghosts” phone numbers with my prefix only. (The xxx- prefer) If I try to call back and complain they tell me they didn’t call. Aliene has even had it happen.

Of course, if you answer you get some criminal that tries to get your credit card number. I now just ignore any phone number with my prefix. I even called ATT and there only response was to get another phone number, which isn’t really a sensible solution. One of my projects for this weekend will be to figure out either how to block e-mails or automatically send them to “trash”.

One thing I always need to remember is to check my “spam” folder, since e-mails I want frequently are sent there in error.

Picked up the book “Algorithms to Live By” at the library, so hopefully I can clarify some of the concepts I have listened to.

Also reading “The Gatekeepers” by Chris Whipple about the Chief of Staff position for each President and how the right person has made a success or the wrong person has created significant problems.

I have always been fascinated by the “Fool” position. While the Chief of Staff (normally) is not a “fool”, it is the same in that the Chief of Staff has to be able to tell the President honestly without being in a “kill the messenger” situation.

I think the key to any leadership situation is not being isolated and developing a situation where you only get praise and not criticism, or at least honest evaluation, from the inner staff

I think that is the real danger with the lying bully, he craves praise and kow-towing so much he doesn’t get true feedback.

Lights are blinking, I may or may not get to post this this morning. If it is posted late, it is because the electric went off, although of course if I can’t post this no one will know!

I was going to post it early since I didn’t walk, but with the delay created by having to call about the cable tv, it is about the regular time.

That’s it for now, Saturday, April 29, 2017.


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