2017 Spring April 30 Sunday

47 degrees this morning. No walk (rain, wet conditions)

A lot of heavy rain yesterday (especially in the morning), some heavy damage in the area.

Hopefully the cool/cold weather will transition to warmer weather soon! Usually by Mothers Day the cold weather has passed.

One thing we have found is that it is always hot at the CMA music fest, a time we might enjoy some cooler weather!

That time of year where events that seemed so far off are now here, or getting close! Summer will soon be here, the CMA fest is just over a month away, the Courter Reunion, baseball games, July 4, etc, as well as some a major age event this year, so to speak, and other events I’m sure I”m not even thinking of.

I am amazed at how suddenly (when the sun is shining), the “daylight” suddenly is lasting so long. I hear birds singing when I take my daily morning walk, although it is still a long ways to daylight.

Thinking about the “Algorithms in Daily Life” book, I realized I was actually using one of them!

I have been taking pictures of my “Hot Wheels” collection, something I have been threatening/promising to do for years. About 3 months ago, I finally got started on the project.

I finally got it gone by trying to do one or two daily. I don’t make the daily picture, or sometimes even a weekly picture, but I am making steady progress. I probably have pictures of about 100 of them on Google + & Instagram. I have them # so I can find them easy.

One thing I decided was I wouldn’t worry about the pictures being “perfect” and they certainly aren’t “perfect” or even close, but they do what I wanted which is to document the cars I have.

I guess you could say I am using the “relaxation” algorithm concept.

Personally, I don’t like the concept of “good enough” (there is no such thing as “good enough” customer service, “good enough ethics” etc.), but I think in my “Hot Wheels” project, “good enough” is better than “not done at all”. You could argue with that I”m sure, but I feel “good enough” is better than nothing and that settles it in my mind.

Anyway, someone left a comment on one of the pictures that it was “pathetic”. I have to admit, I really don’t care what some stranger (or even a friend of relative) thinks in this case, I am doing it for me, not anyone else.

I guess I have to think, why would a stranger care enough about my picture to write a note that it was “pathetic”. Why not a comment on how it could be improved?

I have to think that causal attacks on other people and peoples actions etc. are becoming commonplace. While stating a true opinion is always acceptable, why would someone make a casual derogatory, vindictive comment on a picture of a toy car? I’m sure the person didn’t take the time to consider if it was a child etc. who took the picture. Why make a negative comment that they obviously thought was “cute” rather than a constructive comment?

I have a lot of thoughts that I will go into detail on in the future, you can predict one factor, but I think there are a lot of factors involved.

It is strange, I didn’t feel any anger at all at the “pathetic” comment and I certainly didn’t react by thinking i would stop doing it, or even trying to “do better”. I hope for my sake I can improve, but it is really a matter of time.

That’s it or now, Sunday, April 30, 2017.


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