2017 Spring May 1 Monday

44 degrees this morning, walk 34:45 minutes.

Miserable weather this morning, cold, plus wind of about 20 mph. Almost didn’t walk, but having missed two days, I decided I was at least going to try. Of course, everything went fine, a little cool.

Pace was 5 seconds slower than my goal time. Not bad, except that my “real” goal is a minute less than that! I guess I need to set a goal 15 seconds less than my current goal and see how often I can meet that goal and then work on down.

I really think as soon as I can start dressing lighter for my walk, I will be faster.

I was just thinking this morning, when we moved here about a year last February (2016), there were (in, say a 90 day time span) a total of six houses for sale in that time frame in our cove, (legally it is called a “Village” of the addition), There are roughly 50 houses in this “Village”.

Throughout the entire addition, there are probably about 300 horses and there were roughly 15 houses for sale during that 90 day period.

What is really strange is there hasn’t been a house for sale in our “Village” since, (in approximately 15 months) there there have maybe been one of two houses up for sale occasionally in the entire addition (of 300 houses, although it might be 500 for all I know).

This was during the most unlikely period for houses to be for sale, in the November to March time period. Since this area is known for this superb school system (well deserved from what I can see), it is strange there weren’t more houses for sale in the Spring and Summer, but there weren’t hardly any house in the entire addition last Spring and Summer.

We had decided we were going to buy a house in this addition no matter how long we had to wait, so we were very lucky to get this house when we did. I don’t think we could have found a better house for us, or at least the best we could expect.

We actually wanted to buy a house in this area when we first started seriously looking (we rented for a year), but nothing was available in this area at the time.

When you think about how important the house you live in is so important in your life, we leave a lot to chance!

Anyway, I hadn’t really thought a lot about how few houses there have been for sale lately (none in our “village” and few in the entire addition), I realize how lucky we are to find the house when we did.

It reminds me of the “Algorithms to Live By” in the story about finding a house or apartment in San Francisco.

Also, I think it lends credence to the concept that you can’t afford to wait for “perfection”. You can try to find it, it is good to find it, but if you don’t take some action you will never achieve even close to “perfection”.

Of closure there is always the chance that “something better” will come along right after you buy a house, but that is just a chance you have to take.

Supposed to warm up this week. I am looking forward to it!

That’s it for now, Monday May 1, 2017.


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