2017 Spring May 3 Wednesday

65 degrees this morning, no walk (lightning, some rain)

Cooler today after a nice day yesterday.

One thing I really get tired of is having to deal with companies “mistakes” and then having to wait on the phone forever or continually take the time to call about their errors.

Examples are a CPAP machine where the supply company is so incompetent I really don’t understand how they stay in business. I assume they make there money by sending “supplies”, but it seems I can never get them or they send the wrong item.

I call up and have waits of 30 minutes on the phone (that is before I hang up in disgust). Who has time to wait on the phone for 30 minutes or more when it is their mistake?

Ditto with the cable tv system. While we like it overall, the glitches that happen (which is always at the most inconvenient time) shouldn’t happen for what we pay.

Anyway, then they talk about how “government should be run like a business”. Not that the representatives don’t try or care, I blame the upper management who is more interested in increasing the stock price so their options are worth more or how to “merge” so they can really make some big money and they are thinking short term rather than long term.

I recently read about a book that theorized that Business Schools (including schools such as the Harvard Business School) have created major problems by teaching that “maximizing shareholder value” (and “maximizing income for the executive) is the primary purpose of business, not providing a good product or service.

Of closure, I really wonder about the “ethics” courses they taught when I observe some of the “ethics” of businesses.

I actually remember the first “ethics” course I took, it was in Sociology and it actually opened my eyes somewhat to how the consequences of actions need to be considered.

May is going to be a busy month, with birthdays, visits etc. A good lead on into Summer.

There seems to be one point each year when I suddenly realize the “days are longer”! I love the long days and especially like the long sunsets when it stays light until 8:30 p.m.. or even 9 p.m. around here.

That was one thing I didn’t like about Memphis, it got dark about an hour earlier and we couldn’t see sunsets.

However, there was nothing like a “Memphis night” in the Summer. It is hard to explain, it is something you have to experience and there aren’t a light of them, so when a “Memphis night’ arrived, I tried to enjoy it. (It also extended to the early morning).

There are some similar nights here, a little different, but still a night where you just exist and enjoy it.

Looking forward wot warm weather soon and sitting on the patio in the early morning writing my journal!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, May 3, 2017.


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